Sometimes, too much attention is a bad thing. A photographer tried to snag a picture of Justin Bieber when he lashed out in a big way. Can't say I blame him.

Justin Bieber Is Officially Over It

Spencer Cain

 Justin Bieber Is Officially Over It

Happy Memorial Day, kids! I hope you’re preparing for a total rager or a low-key barbecue. Either way, I hope there’s beer and loose morals involved.

When it comes to holiday weekends for celebrities, they’re not exactly fun-filled breaks from work. Something insane always happens when America is at home chilling.

For example, the Tiger Woods story broke over Thanksgiving. I put down a turkey leg and went straight to TMZ to get to the bottom of the situation.

And now yesterday, my main man Justin Bieber finally got fed up with the constant media attention and got in a scuffle with a pesky paparazzo who was allegedly blocking his car and causing a scene in Calabasas. He’s now facing battery charges. Naturally, the photog went straight to the press and is trying to cash in on the situation.

While Bieber should be used to the craziness of being the biggest celebrity, like, ever, sometimes you just lose your cool — and I completely understand that. I hope this mess is cleared up as soon as possible, and the Biebs can live in peace.

Also, here’s a picture of Justin and Mike Tyson hanging out. What?

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