A Naked Justin Bieber Is Loving Himself on the Cover of “Clash” Magazine


(Getty Images)

Justin Bieber hated the attention that a now-deleted naked Instagram photo brought him so much, he’s gone ahead and posed for another almost-nude shot, this time on the cover of Clash magazine. He didn’t have time to put on pants for the snap, but Biebs remembered to wear a hat in the magazine shoot (available for presale now, naturally).

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Unless you were completely offline (and blissfully unaware) at the time, you might recall the 22-year-old sharing—and swiftly deleting—a photo of his naked butt on Instagram last year. He’s not the only celebrity inviting fans to gawk at their behinds either—everyone from John Legend and Rihanna to Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj have charitably shared photos of their bare ass online recently, which you can read all about right here.