WYD, Justin Bieber? This Week’s Social Media Fails

WYD, Justin Bieber? This Week’s Social Media Fails
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Social media is a great way for all of our faves to connect with us. You can be scrolling through your Insta feed and catch Gigi and Zayn chilling on a date just as easily as you’d catch your bestie taking a pic of her lunch. But, just as you’d send a quick “Uh, what is this?” text to a friend if she posted something particularly odd, sometimes we need to stop and ask celebs, “Uh, what are you doing?” This week some of our favorites posted fails, awkward moments, and the occasional pic that’s so WTF it actually wins.

Kylie Jenner, WYD?

A couple days ago Nicki Minaj inadvertently started the #NickiMinajChallenge by posting a video of her boasting about flying to Prague. “Y’all bitches can’t even spell Prague,” she crowed before hitting us with a spin.

Celebs like Zoe Kravitz were quick to post their own takes on the sassy status spin, but no take was more WTF than Kylie’s.

Is this a parody? Is this an outtake? Sis, what are you doing? She’s got a mouthful of food and she’s stumbling around the kitchen. Is this the #NickiMinajChallenge or me after a night at the club? Either way, I’m confused.

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What are you doing, Lady Gaga?

Okay, I know what you’re doing, but I have some follow-up questions.

Lady Gaga made an appearance as a guest barista at Starbucks to raise awareness and funds for the Born This Way Foundation. A worthy cause and a great effort. But… ma’am your uniform is not up to spec. That shirt is super cute, but Starbucks corporate is not trying to have their baristas in floral patterns and pussy bows—not with all that latte foam flying around. Also, this pose is everything. Between the hair, the glasses, and the finger, Gaga is giving Assistant Principal realness. It’s a lot. WYD?

Speaking of being a lot…

WYD, Halsey? 

This is so much look in one photo. Halsey dons some Elton John specs and a candy striper bathing suit to recreate the most frequently faked photo: the Insta-boyfriend. But why? It seems both earnest and cheeky (pun intended!) at the same time. How should we feel about this, Halsey?

We also need guidance on how to feel about this Madonna fan art.

Madonna, what are you doing?

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Me at 4 a.m.😳lol Eyes Wide Open @posonbs6

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Stars are constantly reposting art made in their likeness by fans. Lupita Nyong’o and Rihanna, among others, seem to be huge fans of their fans’ drawings, sketches, and memes of them. Last week, Madonna seemed to want to get in on the fun, but the result was less successful. A fan apparently Photoshopped Madonna’s glasses out of this earlier photo…

…and added Snapchat filter eyes? Okay. And then Madonna posted the edit with the caption “Me at 4 a.m.” What is the message here? What are you doing? Oddly, I would understand what this was if it was on Snapchat, the home for weird filters. But out of their natural habitats, these Bratz Doll eyes are straight up chilling.

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Justin Bieber, WYD?

Justin went on a posting spree this week, putting up random pics from a weekend of clubbing. At this point we totally have to accept this is just who Justin is. Of course he’s going to put up a bunch of random photos from the parties he goes to; of course he’s going to comment on random people’s Instas; of course he’s going to show up in every social media WTF article because that’s just how he rolls. We all know guys like Justin—the kind who use social media like some kind of weird performance art; the kind who either totally don’t get how to use Insta or get it on a deeper level than all of us. That’s Justin.

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Haha last night was a blas

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So, I should know better than to ask, Justin, what is this? But I’m going to do it anyway. What is this? The words say “Wilding out!” but your facial expression says “Counting the minutes until I can ghost.” Why did you post this? Are you in on the joke? Are we in on the joke? This is the “Inception” of Insta fails.

Oh, and then there’s this:

For seemingly no reason, Justin posted his mugshot featuring his old Johnny Bravo hair. He captioned it “Mugshot” just in case you weren’t sure and then added the hashtags “Jail Is Not a Cool Place to Be” and “Not Fun.” This is a stunning revelation. Jail is… not cool? I’m not sure why this isn’t on the cover of every newspaper. Again, it’s unclear whether Biebs knows this massive understatement is weird or whether he’s just trying to spread the word about how jail is a downer. I guess we’ll never know. And that’s with Justin is the king of the Social Media WYD?