Justin Bieber Won’t Pose With Humans Anymore, But Here He Is Backstage With a Lion Cub

There’s just no telling what Justin Bieber, barefoot enthusiast and notorious loose cannon, will do next, but his latest involves bottle-feeding a baby lion in a photo and video on Instagram. We know this might come as a shock, since the pop star just posted a rant on IG last week letting us all know that if we “see him out somewhere,” we should know that he’s “not gonna take a picture,” because he’s “done taking pictures,” but, then again, Alex the baby lion technically didn’t see him out somewhere; for whatever reason, Alex came to him, and hung out backstage at his “Purpose” tour stop last night at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

In the first shot, the heavily tattooed and inexplicably shirtless Biebs cradles baby Alex in one arm while letting the cub gnaw on his finger, because that is a really, really good idea. (Actually, note: Lion cubs apparently have baby teeth known as “milk teeth,” so he’s safe.) In the second, Bieber has thrown on a white sweatshirt to match Alex’s coat, only Bieber’s is, for some reason, tied in a little bow at his neck à la Little Red Riding Hood, if her cape were white. “Is this how he feeds?” a slightly overwhelmed Bieber asks, his voice cracking. Both ‘grams were posted by Alex Haditaghi, self-described “serial entrepreneur,” who posted, “After being fed by Justin Bieber, Alex is one of his biggest fans! Justin really cares about the conservation of these beautiful animals! He is truly a class act and awesome guy!” Exclamation point!

This isn’t the first time Bieber has appeared on Haditaghi’s Instagram; a couple of weeks ago, the entrepreneur threw a shot of the singer petting a tiger onto his feed. Haditaghi is “working toward building Canada’s biggest animal sanctuary,” he says, and the Biebs is apparently one of his biggest—or most famous—supporters. Perhaps we’ll see him with a baby cheetah or two next, such as Jaki and Fariba, the pair Haditaghi posted to IG six weeks ago. We can only hope.