Now You Can Text ‘Justmojis’ of Justin Bieber Crying, Petting a Cat and Holding a ‘No Photos’ Sign

Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose were among the forerunners of personalized emojis, but Justin Bieber just dropped his own version, which are obviously called Justmojis, and they are pretty funny. He totally pokes fun at himself with some of the little illustrations, which include things like the Biebs crying, stunting, petting a cat, holding a “No Photos” sign, sleeping, being super emo with a broken heart, and holding a bucket and saying “I gotta pee!” Not sure under which circumstances you’d send that last one, but there are also practical Justmojis, such as the one that shows a sprinting Bieber saying “OMW!”

You can also text song titles, if you’re a true Belieber and want to respond to a friend’s text with just a simple “Sorry” or “Believe” or “What do you mean?” There’s also audio clips, videos, and GIFs. If you felt like your text messages were just missing something without a tiny cartoon Justin Bieber, your prayers have been answered. We didn’t see an emoji of a barefoot Bieber, or a squirrel-feeding Bieber, or a sunburnt Bieber, but maybe those are for the app’s first update.