Justin Bieber Can’t Stop Posting Pics of His Amazing Hawaiian Vacation

When Justin Bieber goes on vacation in Hawaii, he does it right. He gets a giant 10K-a-night mansion decked out with waterfalls. He watches sunsets, hops helicopters, hires boats. He invites a bevy of hot young women to come along for the ride. He gets a bunch of the girls to get in the pool, and then he films them.

It wouldn’t be a Hawaiian vacation for the Biebs without some dating rumors, which were sparked when swimwear designer Sahara Ray posted a shot of herself topless by a waterfall on IG yesterday. She has appeared in several of Bieber’s Instaposts in the past few days, but the question, of course, remains: Who took this shot of her sans bikini top?

Who can say, but here she is (on the right) in a chopper with Bieber yesterday, before she lost her top.

Bieber seems to be having a particularly good time painting a picture of himself as a bemused (and, as ever, slightly emo) girl-wrangler. Along with the over-the-top video, he also posted this tongue-in-cheek shot a couple of days ago, which needed no caption.

Basically, he’s hosting his own Coachella at his Hawaiian paradise, and he wants the world to know. We get it, Biebs: You’re having the time of your life. Keep those photos coming!