Justin Bieber’s Love Poem For Hailey Baldwin Is Magical & Maybe Slightly Creepy

Justin Bieber.
Photo: Image: Shutterstock.

The Biebers celebrated their own-year engagement anniversary this past weekend, and, as usual, the pair were very public about their love for one another. Justin Bieber’s love poem for Hailey Baldwin is being discussed quite a bit though because…well, it’s definitely an interesting one! The “I Don’t Care” singer does care about at least one thing—his wife! He shared a photo of himself and Hailey snuggled up together, all cozy in a dark room, presumably the bedroom. She has the beautiful white covers pulled up and Biebs rocks his signature smirk with a “Aren’t I a lucky man?” vibe. And with the words that are being hailed as truly inspired poetry, Bieber sent a love message to his wife in the simplest yet sweetest way. He wrote: “My lips get jealous of my arms cuz I can hold you with them”

There you have it, folks. Our modern-day Shakespeare is right here with us! But truly, it was a very sweet message and clever wording. We will say, it seemed somewhat creepy the first time we read it. Like leave your lips where they are and be happy that you can hold her at all, sir. But re-reading it and understanding the message for the poetry it was, we understand now—it was all out of pure love for his adoring wife.

Baldwin went with a more traditional message for Bieber on their special day, writing, “Life gets more beautiful everyday because of you, my heart belongs to you forever.”

Ahh young love!