Justin Bieber Makes Out with Hailey Baldwin on Instagram—What Does It Mean?

beiber hailey baldwin couple Justin Bieber Makes Out with Hailey Baldwin on Instagram—What Does It Mean?

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Everyone can stop speculating now: Justin Bieber just made it crystal clear that he and 19-year-old Hailey Baldwin are more than just friends. (RIP, Jelena.)

Biebs shared an intimate snap of the pair kissing last night—and although he didn’t include a caption, he did specifically tag Hailey, a pretty obvious sign he’s cluing the world in to his new relationship.

Beliebers collectively freaked out over the photo, which has already been liked more than 4 million times and received more than 426,000 comments in 14 hours.

The  21-year-old “Sorry” singer wasn’t done though, quickly sharing another photo with Baldwin. Yes, there’s a lot less PDA in this picture, but the pair definitely look like an item.

Rumors of this particular romance have been circulating over the holidays, with the twosome spotted vacationing together in Anguilla and St. Barts. In fact, Hailey’s been sharing pictures with Justin all week, including one intimate photo of the couple celebrating New Year’s.

When rumors were sparked last year that the couple was dating, Justin put them to bed, explaining in an Instagram post that he and Hailey were only friends (at the time). “People are crazy,” he wrote. “I’m super single and this is my good friend u would know otherwise.” Oh, how things change.