Justin Bieber Has Major Baby Fever But Hailey Baldwin Can’t Relate—Oop

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin
Photo: Shutterstock.

Biebs sure knows how to move fast. It’s been barely a week since he married his wife (for the second time!) in a religious, family ceremony—yet Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s baby fever Instagram craze is already off to an intense start. Super fitting, you know, that Bieber has been singing “Baby, baby, baby, oooooh,” since he was 16 years old—it looks like that hit single is going to be making a comeback in his family life!

In a repost of a viral video where a dad is showing his baby letter blocks, Justin captioned “This is something I look forward to :)” which, is honestly so endearing. In the video, the very adorable baby can’t stop giggling in front of their dad. I can see why Justin is getting baby fever, to be fair.

His posting about it on social media is just another in a series of grand gestures that Justin carries out when it comes to proclaiming his love for Hailey, much like his 10,000 song that premiered last week. But right after getting married at the end of last month, Justin has definitely been piling on the PDA with Hailey—now it’s only seemed to reach social media, too.

In a separate post, Justin also shared a viral video of a toddler smeared in her mother’s lipstick. In the video, she tells her father she bought the lipstick from “Home Depot,” and that it was “her lipstick.” When her father questioned whether or not she asked anyone for permission to put it on, she said, “I ask myself.” LOL. This sassy tot clearly reminded Justin of Hailey. “Hailey with your attitude and my savage behaviour we are in a world of trouble haha,” he wrote in a caption for the post, obviously suggesting that their future kids will be just as sassy as Ms. Lipstick.

As far as Hailey Baldwin is concerned, though, they’re not having a baby anytime soon. In a conversation with Vogue last year, Hailey denied rumors that she and her hubby were already starting a family. “No babies for at least a couple of years,” Hailey said. Oop! Justin, looks like you’re just gonna have to slow your roll.