Justin Bieber Made His Bodyguards Carry Him Up The Great Wall Of China

Valeria Nekhim

You gotta hand it to Justin Bieber: The pop star certainly knows how to continuously outdo himself in the bratty behavior department.

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The 19-year-old’s latest faux pas occurred yesterday when he forced his entourage of bodyguards to carry him on their shoulders up the Great Wall Of China, in what might be described as an attempt to make fans beliebe he’s, what? an emperor?

According to RadarOnline, the full blown diva moment came a day after the singer had his bodyguards run behind him as he skateboarded around Beijing while on tour in China.

Justin Bieber Great Wall JPEG

Justin reaches top jpeg

Photos documenting Bieber’s behavior were posted to Instagram by his fans, who by all accounts didn’t find anything wrong with the Canadian’s antics. User @bieberandsupras tweeted: only Justin would have somebody carry him up the Great Wall of China, aw my baby boy.” However, some fans did express pity for the poor bodyguards.

Justin Skateboarding JPEG

If you’ve been following Bieber’s trip down bad boy lane, you’ll know this incident follows a series of rude/bizarre acts, including attacking a photographer, urinating in a kitchen worker’s mop bucket, and even spitting on his own fans. We’re not sure what kind of crisis Biebs is going through, and perhaps this incident is part of his healing process post breaking up with Selena Gomez, but quite frankly we’re starting to lose interest.

What about you, do you think it’s just a phase, or is Bieber destined for even more trouble?

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