Justin Bieber Is Now the Proud Owner of a Gold Tooth

Justin Bieber

(Getty Images)

In addition to procuring women on Instagram, Justin Bieber has been using social media to foreshadow a new look that he’s been excited to debut. Today we got a peek at said look: a shiny new gold tooth. To go with his giant neck tattoo, we assume.

No, Biebs, you’re not going to regret this phase when you’re older at all.

Justin Bieber debuted his shiny tooth on Snapchat.

Justin Bieber debuted his shiny tooth on Snapchat.

The 21-year-old “Sorry” singer showed off the tooth on Instagram, posting a picture of the metallic dental work without a caption. A picture says a thousand words and all that.

Back in 2013, Bieber temporarily rocked a grill, and he now joins a swath of musicians who have flashed a temporary gold cap at some point, including Rihanna, Kesha, and Nelly. You keep doing you, Bieber.