Are Justin Bieber’s ‘Ghost’ Lyrics About Selena Gomez & Hailey? It’s About ‘Losing Somebody You Love’

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A lot of questions. The cumulative drama between Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez has online fans wondering: Is “Ghost” by Justin Bieber’s lyrics about Selena Gomez?

The song was released on March 19, 2021, as part of Justice, his sixth studio album. The album was recorded during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an interview with Vogue, he revealed why he named his album, “I named it Justice because there’s so much injustice in this world and there has been since the beginning of time […] My name [Justin] actually means justice, so there’s that. I’m really honored to play a small part and be able to make music that inspires and can uplift people in this time.”

The backbone of the album has inspiration from civil rights champion Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and includes love messages to his wife, Hailey. “I’m a hopeless romantic. This is one of those songs where I get to talk about how much I love my wife,” he told Vogue, before singing along enthusiastically to lyrics such as, “I don’t want to fall asleep / I’d rather fall in love […] Two seconds without you is like two months, and “I love the way you love your mom,’ and ‘I still relive that second I met my biggest blessing / Pray for you, look what God has done.”

So are “Ghost” by Justin Bieber lyrics about his relationship with his wife or with Selena Gomez? Read more below.

What is the meaning behind “Ghost” by Justin Bieber’s lyrics?

Justin Bieber Ghost

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What is the meaning behind “Ghost” by Justin Bieber’s lyrics? The “Stay” singer told Capital XM the true meaning behind the song. “There’s a lot of people who have lost people from other things and just lose people, might not be a death, but have lost people that were in their life for a season and now that person isn’t,” he revealed. “So, that can feel like a loss almost like you’re grieving that person so this song is kind of like that vibe of grieving that person but still having hope in the process.”

Bieber explained to Vogue that the song is about “losing somebody you love. And I know a lot of people have; I know this has been a really challenging year where we’ve lost loved ones and relationships too. The hook is saying, ‘If I can’t get close to you, I’ll settle for the ghost of you.’ That works for this quarantine situation […] we’re not relating and connecting in the same way. It has allowed us to only really have these memories. I hope this resonates and I hope it fills your heart up with joy or comfort in some sort of way.” In the music video of the song, Justin stars as he is consoling his grandmother after the loss of his grandfather.

Songwriter and producer Jon Bellion made a tribute to his grandmother through this song. “Wrote this one about my grandmother. Really cool to feel her every time I turn the radio on in the car. Miss you Gma.” he tweeted. On April 2, 2022, the song peaked at #5 on the Hot 100. It is Bieber’s 26th song to reach the top 10 on the chart.

Fans of Justin and Selena speculated that the lyrics were about their tumultuous relationship and his subsequent marriage to Hailey Bieber. One Selena fan tweeted, “so, if we look really carefully at the ghost music vid by justin bieber, it’s obviously about losing your soulmate. he is singing from his grandmother’s perspective who lost her husband, and same thing happened to justin, he lost selena, his true love” Another fan tweeted during the release of the song, “Listen I’m not a jelena shipper,” one fan tweeted, “and I’m not even one to throw selena into everything involving justin bc at the end of the day they’re two separate people living two separate lives…but ghost screams selena like…SCREAMS her.” There are also similarities between this song and Selena’s 2010 song “Ghost of You.”

Justin Bieber Ghost

Courtesy of: Youtube / Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were in a very public on-and-off relationship from 2010 to 2018. The couple had its ups and downs but ultimately ended in 2018. Shortly after their breakup, Justin married model Hailey Baldwin in a courthouse ceremony in 2018.

In an episode of Call Her Daddy, Hailey denied the rumors that Justin cheated on Selena with her. “When him and I ever started, like, hooking up or anything of that sort, he was not ever in a relationship ever — at any point,” she explained. “I’m not interested in doing that and I never was. … I can say — period, point blank — I was never with him when he was in a relationship with anybody,”  Hailey said on “Call Her Daddy.” She continued, “It’s not my character to mess with someone’s relationship.” Hailey added that she could “understand” how her and Justin’s relationship could look different “from the outside.” She continued, “That was a situation where I know for a fact that it was the right thing for them to close that door. They were not in a relationship at that time, but of course, there’s a very long history there. … It has nothing to do with me. I know that it closed a chapter and I think it was the best thing that could have happened for him to move on and be engaged and get married and move on with his life in that way.”

Hailey also revealed during the podcast that she and Selena have spoken since she married Justin. “That’s why I’m like, it’s all respect, it’s all love,” she said. “That’s also why I feel like if everybody on our side knows what happened and we’re good and we could walk away from it with clarity and respect then that’s fine. … Which had brought me a lot of peace and I’m like, ‘We know what happened it is what it is.’ You’re never going to be able to correct every narrative.”

She also responded to claims she “stole” Justin from Selena. “This is so crazy, I’ve literally never talked about this ever,” she said. “A lot of the hate and perpetuation comes from [people thinking], like, ‘Oh, you stole him.’ It’s about people knowing the truth. Because there’s a truth.”She continued, “It just comes from, like, the fact that they wished he had ended up with someone else, and that’s fine,” she said. “Like, you can wish that all you want but that’s just not the case.” She also claimed that Justin was also hurt by the comparisons between her and Selena. “I know that for him that’s hurtful because if we have moved on, why can’t you?” she said.

The drama continues to unfold online when fans uncovered different activities between the Rhode and Rare Beauty founders. In one instance, Selena thanked a fan for acknowledging her struggles after her breakup from Justin in 2018 in a comment in a comment on a TikTok video in February 2023. “Does anybody just feel really bad for Selena Gomez? Like can you imagine going through a breakup so publicly with a guy who you were in love with for seven years and then like two months later he just marries someone,” TikTok user @essymakingsounds said in the video. “And then you have a chronic illness or an autoimmune disease — I can’t imagine that it’s fun. Living with that and the flareups in the public eye while people are watching you.”

The user continued, “And then dealing with mental health when life is hard enough already. Kudos to her for being so brave and so public and so open about her journey. But I bet if we ever walked a day in her shoes — where everything is so publicized — that would be so hard. So whenever I think about a hard day, I think about Selena Gomez. I feel bad saying that but if she can do it then everybody can.”

Selena thanked the user in the comments and revealed that the TikTok “made” her “cry.” “That made me cry 🥹 thank you!” she wrote.

“Ghost” by Justin Bieber lyrics

Read the “Ghost” by Justin Bieber lyrics below via Genius.

[Verse 1]
Youngblood thinks there’s always tomorrow
I miss your touch some nights when I’m hollow
I know you crossed a bridge that I can’t follow
Since the love that you left is all that I get, I want you to know

That if I can’t be close to you, I’ll settle for the ghost of you
I miss you more than life (More than life)
And if you can’t be next to me, your memory is ecstasy
I miss you more than life, I miss you more than life

[Verse 2]
Youngblood thinks there’s always tomorrow
I need more time, but time can’t be borrowed
I’d leave it all behind if I could follow
Since the love that you left is all that I get, I want you to know

That if I can’t be close to you, I’ll settle for the ghost of you
I miss you more than life (Yeah)
And if you can’t be next to me, your memory is ecstasy (Oh)
I miss you more than life, I miss you more than life

More than life (Oh)

So if I can’t get close to you, I’ll settle for the ghost of you
I miss you more than life
And if you can’t be next to me, your memory is ecstasy
I miss you more than life, I miss you more than life

Justice by Justin Bieber

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