WYD, Justin Bieber? This Week’s Social Media Fails

WYD, Justin Bieber? This Week’s Social Media Fails
Photo: STYLECASTER/Getty Images

It’s that time again! Time to peruse the Instas of our favorite stars and wonder aloud, “What does this mean?” Every day celebs, just like us, are posting pics of their days, friends, pets, and occasionally, their food. For the most part, it’s an awesome glimpse into the lives of our faves. But every once in awhile, a picture comes up that begs the question: “What are you doing?”

Let’s get into it!

Justin Bieber, WYD?

 JB, a “What Are You Doing?” staple, gets another mention this time. We have to talk about this situation.

Most people will snap a pic of a particularly yummy or beautiful meal before they start to eat it. Not good ol’ Justin Bieber, who is blessing us with this shot of a mouth full of food for some reason. At this point, you just have to accept that Justin is going to do weird stuff on Instagram and let it be. But, really, chewed food? What are you doing?


WYD, Ariana Grande?

Ariana’s social presence is always fun, cheeky, and adorable, like this shot of her with a meerkat that is almost as big as she is.

But her visit to a wildlife park took a wacky turn with this video that featured a surprising reveal.

First of all, that rhinoceros is huge. I mean, all rhinoceroses are huge, but seeing it right next to dancer Scott Nicholson is shocking. Be careful, Scott! Also, I almost expect this petting train to continue for miles, ending with a rhino petting a person.

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WYD, Solange?

It’s a scientific fact that Solange lives 3,000 years in the future, and her Insta proves that time and time again. This week, she blew our minds with some high-fashion images from her An0ther Magazine shoot, including this wild cutout dress.

And this dramatic shroud:

Solange! What are you doing? We can’t keep up! Should we be wearing stenciled dresses made of construction paper or giant bean bag chairs? Both? Neither? Help us, Solange; you’re our only hope.

Not to be outdone by herself, Solange then posted a picture of her new ‘do, a short bleached-blonde fro that is a dramatic change from her normally long brunette locks.

All this in less than a day? Solange, have mercy on us.

Blake Lively, WYD?

The most obvious answer to the question, “Blake, what are you doing?” is probably “Living my best life.” This shot of the erstwhile “Gossip Girl” star with Miss Piggy is everything.

The two icons are super-cozy in fluffy boas (hopefully not made of Muppet fur), calling to mind Miss Piggy’s scene with Joan Rivers in “The Muppets Take Manhattan.” Why is this happening? Unclear. But I’m here for it.

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And finally…

Nick Jonas, WYD?

In anticipation of his new release “Find You,” Nick has been posting mysterious pictures of dunes, which is… a look. Finally, this week we got some action on those dunes but… well… take a gander:

Nick, what are you doing? What did those dunes ever do to you? Why so angry? This is very Zac Efron in “High School Musical,” which is not a complaint but also not really a compliment.


I guess we’ll have to wait until the new music is released on September 24 to find out what exactly Nick is doing.