Justin Bieber Fashion and Style

Matthew Miller

Justin Bieber certainly knows how to maintain his performances and fashion. One thing that stands out for Justin Bieber’s fashion is that he seems to be more trendy and risky when it comes to his outfit choices. Since he is still relatively young, his fashion will most likely change and grow as he become even more of a music icon in the years to come. He shows his creativity in his outfits not only during his concerts and show, but during many red carpet events and public appearances. Who says a teen aged guy can’t sport a leather jacket, red pants, or leopard shoes? Justin Bieber that’s for sure!

One of his styles that definitely stands out above all the rest are his jackets. Justin Bieber shows up to appearances mostly in leather jackets, blazers, or cardigans. This says a lot about his confidence level and ability to wear what he wants and when he feels like. I don’t think there is another celebrity or musician his age who has worn leather jackets as often and he seems to. Of course to wear this type of jacket you have to naturally pull it off. Justin Bieber has already proved he’s here to stay in any type of jacket that he chooses, from a zip up fleece to a hooded sweater. Who know’s what he will be able to pull off next.

A second Justin Bieber trait how often his shoes match his jackets! In almost every appearance, Justin Bieber smoothly corresponds a shirt and jacket with the fitted shoe. Since a lot of guys wouldn’t think twice about mixing and matching, Bieber seems most comfortable with similar color variations for his daily and casual wear. Maybe we will seem him driving around in matching colored jackets, shoes, and cars when he spotted on the road.