Justin Bieber Discovers Water Is Wet, Turns Stage into a Slip ’n’ Slide



The stage is a dangerous place. It’s dark in some places, bright in others, and at some point, it ends. (There’s a metaphor in there somewhere.) Justin Bieber learned that a few weeks ago when he took a tumble during a concert in Canada—and because every day offers us all a new chance to fall, the singer went down again last night during a performance in Jacksonville, Florida.

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He didn’t fall off the stage per se, just down, on it. It happened while he was splashing around with his dancers in a pool of water; he kicked some up and boom, down he went. Maybe there’s another lesson in there to be found about the important of keeping stages dry to reduce the chances of this kind of thing? Just saying. Watch the great slip ’n’ slide below.

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