Justin Bieber Posts Emo Notes to Instagram, Reminding Us All That He’s Human and Lonely

While everyone else is throwing sunscreen and cutoffs into overnight bags to prepare for the holiday weekend, Justin Bieber is sequestered somewhere, brooding. Whether something in particular set him off or he’s just musing in general is unclear, but the 22-year-old pop star gave us all a glimpse into the inner workings of his mind this afternoon when he posted a pair of deep thoughts to Instagram.

“I don’t always feel god’s presence, I feel it may be human distractions or maybe i’m letting lies detour me from accessing it,” he wrote in a post published today at 3:42 p.m. “Regardless it doesn’t stop me from seeking. Although it is frustrating I’m reminded that relationships take work, even with God!” the post read, which was a screenshot of the Notes iPhone app, letting us all know that a) he’s an AT&T user (would’ve taken him more for a Verizon guy, but—now we all know); b) he finished the note 10 minutes before he posted it to IG; and c) his phone could really use a charge.

“Id rather be lonely than to hangout with just anyone to not feel lonely,” he continued in a second post, published 15 minutes after the first. “They have to be awesome or I’m Netflix and chill.” LOL! Too true, Biebs.

The little starlet has been full of philosophical meanderings and great advice of late. As he put it onstage in Jacksonville, Florida, after he fell yet again two nights ago, “Life’s about taking falls, and life’s about getting back up!” And apparently life’s about posting those thoughts we all write to ourselves in our Notes app for the world to see at the start of the Fourth of July weekend. Thanks, J, for the reminder.