Aaron Carter, Former Famous Person, Believes Justin Bieber Is Copying His Style



Anyone even vaguely interested in Justin Bieber’s style evolution lately will know that not only is he now the proud owner of a fresh head full of baby dreadlocks, but the singer has taken quite the liking to bandanas since his “Purpose” tour kicked off last month. “Why the sudden interest in cloth headwear?” you ask? Well, former singer you haven’t heard about in years (decades?) Aaron Carter has one suggestion that has nothing to do with the fact that bandanas are basically a streetwear staple for both guys and girls right now.

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Specifically, Carter, 28, thinks Biebs is copying his style from approximately 19,826 years ago. Last night the “I Want Candy” singer posted a photo of Bieber and himself, obviously comparing the similarities between the two. He captioned the photo simply “Justin Bieber.”

The photo sparked heated debate between time-rich Beliebers and Carter fans over whether or not Biebs IS in fact copying Aaron Carter, and whether that is a mortal sin. “Justin will always look good regardless if people accuse him of ‘copying’ looks or not! A lot of people in the world wear bandanas, and of course you go after Justin,” one wise Belieber commented. Another wrote, “Hahahah it’s funny you actually think Justin knows (or cares) who you are 😂😂🙌🏾. let me help you point out the differences he’s perfect you’re far from it, he’s famous you’re just some verified man, he’s cute your NOT! K bye all I had to say. ✌🏾️” Ouch, harsh.

Don’t worry, though, Carter’s fans stuck up for him too: “All these Bieber fans ain’t never heard of Aaron cause they like fcking 12. Put your phones away before your teacher takes that away from you,” one wrote. Others just want Aaron to be recognized for the style evangelist that he is, writing: “I just mean give credit where credit is due.”

Someone please tell Carter that fashion is—and always has beencyclical.