Justin Bieber Is a Sensitive Jet-Setter in New ‘Company’ Video

Among a pedi date with his mom, wandering Boston shoeless and crying onstage, it seems as though Justin Bieber has also found the time to film the video for “Company,” and it’s actually surprisingly enjoyable. The just-released three-and-a-half-minute video acts as a bit of a documentary of the Biebs’s latest exploits, and though there is no squirrel-feeding in sight, there are a couple of clips of him crying onstage. It needs to be pointed out here that the video starts with a pan of Bieber’s body alongside a Greek-god-style statue, apparently a nod to the similarities of the two physiques. I mean, when you’ve got it, flaunt it, but—LOL.

He’s shown posing for a Calvin Klein shoot, walking a step-and-repeat, and performing—singing, dancing, crying, lying down—at various arenas. There are also lots of clips of J-Bieb off duty, taking in beautiful vistas, skiing, skateboarding, hopping planes, and pulling all sorts of goofy dance moves. In other words, the video has a very Bieber flavor.

Despite its exuberance, the whole thing feels introspective and sad—this vision of the pop prince on his pedestal, and though he’s seemingly having the time of his life in many of the shots, there’s also a sense of emptiness. That’s not just thanks to Bieber’s emo facial expressions and all the slow-mo—the lyrics add to the feeling of ennui. The song might as well be the no-strings-attached millennial anthem. “Just wanna have a conversation / Forget about the obligations,” he sings. “Maybe we can stay in touch / Oh, that ain’t doin’ too much.” Indeed.