Justin Bieber and Pals Go on a Ragtag Adventure Complete with Roof-Diving, Camping, and Naked Lake-Gazing

Sometimes you just need to throw everything in a car and get out of Dodge for a minute, nah’mean? Justin Bieber does, and so do his BFFs DJ Martin Garrix and “professional life liver” Rory Kramer, who are likely still recovering from two days of lake-splashing, road-tripping, fireside banter, adrenaline rushes, and other boy stuff. The trio posted a veritable treasure trove of pics and vids to Instagram chronicling their two-day boy bender, which is the stuff of teenage dreams.

It all started when Kramer woke up on the wrong side of the bed. “I woke up today having a rough day, felt alone, felt like I had little self worth,” he posted on Instagram. Not to worry, though: He hit up the Biebs’s 10-bedroom, 16-bathroom, $80K-a-month L.A. lake house and jumped off the roof into the pool. Just another day in Bieberland—and a great way to get your blood pumping and your thoughts clear. “Thanks @justinbieber for always knowing when I’m down and dropping what you’re doing to make sure I’m still me,” Kramer posted, along with a video starring himself flinging his body from the roof into the pool.

But they didn’t stop there. Kramer, who is obviously the resident documentarian and poet of the group, posted, “‘Let’s just get out of here.’ So we jumped in my car bought a bunch of camping stuff and went camping,” tagging his two pals and posting a photo of the three of them sharing deep thoughts by a red tent on the beach.

Before you get to the camping beach, though, apparently you have to do some driving, because Bieber posted a selfie video from the front passenger seat of a car, yelling, “Road trip! Wooooo!” Also, sometimes you have to take that journey at night, if, say, you spontaneously decide to go camping once the sun has gone down, as they apparently did.

When the sun rose, they found some Jet Skis and wetsuits and fluffy white towels, and treated themselves to a day of sand and sun. It’s safe to say that they felt pretty satisfied with themselves, as evidenced by the Instashots that show them livin’ la vida loca on a coupla’ Jet Skis. It’s unclear if this part was still a group bromance, or if Kramer broke off and left Garrix and Biebs to it, but we’re leaning toward the latter. “The last 2 days have been amazing thanks to this guy, love you brother,” Garrix posted.

Bieber, as usual, had to take it deep, throwing an image of himself contemplating the sunset from a Jet Ski on his IG. Captionless, of course. There are no words.

Don’t worry, though: The two-day bender wasn’t all philosophical discussions and profound thoughts. The next snap on Bieber’s page is a selfie of himself and Garrix stuntin’ in really, really good beach light.

At the end of it all, the card-carrying Lost Boys seemed pretty satisfied with themselves. “Home. 4am. Feels right,” Kramer posted alongside a shot of himself naked on a dock overlooking a lake. Or, as Bieber put it, “Had one of the best nights of my life last night.” Magical.