Justin Bieber and Model Alexandra Rodríguez Frolic on a Yacht in Miami Beach

Another day, another girl spotted with Justin Bieber. This time, model Alexandra Rodríguez cozied up to him yesterday on his yacht in Miami Beach. Also at the party: His younger brother, Jaxon, who looks exactly like a tiny Justin. We guess Rodríguez (and all of the other gals he’s been linked to of late, including Nicola Peltz) must be pretty awesome, since Bieber just posted last week on IG, “Id rather be lonely than to hangout with just anyone to not feel lonely. They have to be awesome or I’m Netflix and chill.” He may or may not know what Netflix and chill actually means, but—moving on.

The trio did a lot of playing house chilling on the hood of the yacht, cutting a spitting (and rather odd) image of a young family. Biebs also did some wakeboarding, because that’s basically what he does every day now, though this time he wore actual swim trunks, instead of the white Calvin Klein boxer briefs he sported over the weekend.

Though we’re skeptical of the Kourtney Kardashian–Justin Bieber rumors, Us Weekly reported that they also spent some quality time together at the club over the weekend in Miami. It’s been nonstop Miami for Bieber ever since his July 2 show there, but looks like that Florida sunshine has come to an end for now—he’s playing a show in Greensboro, North Carolina, tonight, and another in Baltimore tomorrow. Since a day without models and wakeboarding is like a day without sunshine for Bieber, perhaps he’ll squeeze in some model-canoodling and underwear-wakeboarding on the Jersey Shore this weekend, ahead of his Newark, New Jersey, show on Saturday. Fingers crossed.