Justin Bieber Announced His New Album at His Coachella Performance with Ariana Grande & We’re Freaking Out

Justin Bieber
Photo: Getty Images.

Ariana Grande rounded out Coachella with a surprise performance from the OG 2010s heartthrob and “Baby” singer, Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber announced his album 2019 release date at Ariana Grande’s Coachella performance on Sunday night, and fans are totally freaking. Bieber’s performance with Grande was the first time he has performed on stage in two whole years. We were suffering from withdrawal, so honestly, TG he’s back.

Last week, Grande reunited (most of) NYSYNC for the first weekend of Coachella. This Sunday evening, the petite pop-star totally shut the house down with some of her latest hits including, “bad idea,” “break up with your boyfriend I’m bored,” “sweetener” and “Dangerous Woman.” So freaking good. But the best moment of all was when the Biebs appeared. “We thought it might be fun to do something for you guys,” Grande said before the duo, who also happen to be on Lil Dicky’s new single “Earth,” performed his 2015 hit song, “Sorry.”

“I haven’t been on stage in like two years. I came out here I had no idea I was going to be on stage tonight,” Bieber explained to the crowd. Aw. Kinda cute he wants to explain why his performance may feel a bit off. (Which it didn’t BTW. It’s like riding a bike; it came back to him super naturally.)

And then he dropped the best news of all time.  “So anyways this is my first time on stage in two years. I had to get my groove back, my swag back. By the way, album coming soon.” Album. Coming. Soon. And with those three words, he sent every fan into anaphylactic shock. (Though he didn’t reveal a specific release date, “coming soon” is a good enough time frame for us.)

Seriously? The Twitter-verse. went wild when Bieber appeared on stage (with his new haircut) and then it just escalated even more when he announced the pending release of new music.