Justin Bieber 2011 Pictures

Matthew Miller

For a young celebrity, Justin Bieber sure does make an appearance when it comes to events and concerts. How does such a young guy make time for school and still commit to creating new material? Dedication. Like most musicians it take a lot of deiciation to not only maintain your talents, but it takes just as much of an effort to attend red carpet events and give back to the community.

In 2011, Justin Bieber seemed to show no sign of slowing down either his music performances or attending public and private events. Throughout the year, Justin Bieber attended events not only through out various parts of the United States but around the world in places such as Paris, London, and Australia. Not many teenagers are not so privileged to experience such circumstances. Justin Bieber takes full advantage of all of these opportunities to ensure his public image stays clean and fresh.

An obvious appearance in which all stars make are the award shows. But why not show up in style with what appears to be a good standing relationship with your girlfriend? Justin Bieber has the ability to also show the world that he will keep the momentum of his music career going with the continuation of performing, maintaining a social life, and traveling for both good causes and entertainment.

When you’re a young celebrity, you interact with entertainers and others across a broad range of talents. These talents can serve as mentors to keep positive and see that in the long run, your career and good fortune will impact not only the lives of your friends and family, but that of your fan base.

Keep up the good work Justin Bieber! Flip through and check out Justin during various events and performances of 2011.

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