Apparently a Selfie with Justin Bieber Is Worth $2,000

Emily McBride
Justin Bieber selfie package costs $2,000

Photo: Wenn

Just when we were starting to feel a little bit of empathy for Justin Bieber, he goes and decides that letting a fan snap a selfie with him is worth $2,000. You can relax though—if you’re really keen on having an epic Bieber experience but only have a few hundred bucks to spare for the honor, you’ve got some options too.

The pop star’s presale VIP tickets for his upcoming Purpose tour, available on Altitude Tickets, come in three packages. The cheapest, called Where Are You Now, is valued at a modest $375 and includes a premium ticket, exclusive VIP merch package, VIP entrance, laminate, and a digital download of Justin’s newest album (it’s called Purpose, in case you hadn’t deduced that for yourself).

The I’ll Show You package is the second offering from Altitude, valued at $925. For a cool month’s rent, you can get everything in the Where Are You Now package, plus a meet-and-greet and group photo with the singer, access to the preshow hospitality lounge, early entry into the venue, and an on-site VIP host (whatever that is).

Finally, for a whopping two grand, you can get the Ultimate #Purpose Experience package. So what does this 1999 Toyota Corolla–priced option get you? Well, in addition to everything in the previous packages, you get a front-row seat in a barricaded section at the end of the stage runway, a one-on-one selfie during your meet-and-greet, a backstage tour, and an official tour plaque (you know, to show the grandkids).

Maybe it’s just us, but that’s a pretty tidy sum for about two seconds of face time with the Biebs. However, according to Us Weekly, only 20 of the #Ultimate packages were available, and they’re totally sold out. So, yeah, the world is basically coming to an end. Or, in the eyes of 20 tweenage girls, it’s probably just beginning.