We Did the Work to Find Out if Justin Is Still Together With His Winner From ‘Dating Around’ Season 2

Dating Around
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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Dating Around season 2 on Netflix. Justin was the lead of the first episode of Dating Around’s second season and for those who have seen the episode, his pick, Ann, was sure a surprise. So are Justin and Ann still together after Dating Around season 2 on Netflix? Well, we tried our hardest to find out.

Dating Around, which premiered its second season on Friday, June 12, follows one single on five blind dates. The dates occur one after another, and after a week of dates, the single chooses the person they want to go on a second date with, which is revealed in the final minutes of the episode. Each episode is led by a different person, and second season starts with Justin, a Filipino-American who works in finance by day and loves karaoke by night. Justin was born and raised in New Orleans, where the second season is filmed. (Each season is set in a different city; New York City was the setting for season 1.) His family left New Orleans for some time after Hurricane Katrina and moved to Houston, where he was bullied. But it wasn’t long until he came back to the Big Easy.

Justin’s five dates are Barbara, Lilly, Ashley, Assata and Ann. Before Dating Around, Justin was in a relationship for six years. He broke up with his girlfriend two and a half years before the show filmed. As he explained to his dates, he was in the same relationship since he was 21, so now, his early 30s are the first time he’s really dating.

In the end, Justin chooses Ann, a blonde with a bob who’d been to “too many weddings” that year. Those who watched the first episode were likely surprised that Justin chose Ann, who left the date way earlier than the other women. In the “After Hours” section of the episode, Justin and Ann walk around Bourbon Street when she tells him that she has to work the next morning and orders a Lyft. Justin seems surprised by this as he seems to be enjoying his time with Ann. Before she goes, though, Justin asks for Ann’s number and makes sure to call it to know if it’s real. (And it is.) Another reason Ann is a surprising pick for Justin is that Barbara seemed like the frontrunner after Justin kissed her as they overlooked Bourbon Street. In the end, though, Justin and Ann met up in the daytime later that week and went to a museum.

So are they still together? It’s possible! Both Justin and Ann follow each other on Instagram. While Ann’s account is private, the same Ann that Justin follows is also followed by the Instagram for The House That Casting Built, which is the agency that casts Dating Around. Likewise, a person with the Instagram Ann’s full name also lived in Houston, Alabama and New Orleans (all places she told Justin about in the episode) and went to a wedding in the past year, which she also discussed on the show.

A week before the premiere of season 2, Justin shared the trailer on Instagram, writing: “So, I might have done a thing. It’s on @netflix. June 12th. Called Dating Around. Shit. 😂 My mom’s gonna be so mad… Tell ya friends though.”

Unfortunately, Ann hasn’t liked either of Justin’s posts about the show, which seems odd because she’s likely the only person he knows who can share his experience. (Justin shared the trailer twice on his feed and on his Instagram TV.) Still, Ann has liked other posts on Instagram, so perhaps she just didn’t see his ‘grams about the show. Regardless of if they’re still dating or not, it’s clear that Justin and Ann continue to keep in contact. Gotta wait on them for the full story after their museum date.

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