Genius: This New App Stops You From ‘Just’ Apologizing in Emails

Beth Stebner
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Is it too late for sorry now? (Photo: Getty Images)

If you look back in your folder of sent emails, how many times have you used the words “just” or “sorry” in any given chain, or any sort of qualifier that makes you sound like less of a boss than you truly are? Confession: Even though I’ve tried (and tried some more) to eradicate those words from my email vocabulary, they just keep coming back—sorry!

Whether it was “just following up” on a request or “actually” looking for another photo from a publicist, my apparent linguistic weakness is there, plain as day. But thanks to a genius new tool, the aptly-named Just Not Sorry extension for Google Chrome, those annoying minimizing ticks are highlighted like spelling errors.

Then, when you hover over your “mistake,” you’re shown a quote reaffirming your worth. Mine was from author Sylvia Ann Hewlett and said: “Using sorry frequently undermines your gravitas and makes you appear unfit for leadership.” Thanks for the reminder, Sylvia!

The extension was created by software development company Cyrus Innovation’s CEO Tami Reiss and is available for download in the extension store.

There’s no softening it: this app is definitely brilliant.