Jupiter Retrograde 2022 Will Last Four Months—Here’s Why It’s Not The End Of The World

Jupiter Retrograde 2022 Will Last Four Months—Here’s Why It’s Not The End Of The World
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When it comes to astrology, nothing is more infamous than a planet stationing retrograde. Between the communication mishaps of Mercury retrograde and the guaranteed heartache of Venus retrograde, what’s to love? However, not every retrograde is going to be a negative experience. Keep this in mind during Jupiter retrograde 2022, because it might actually lead to something beautiful!

On July 28 at 4:37 p.m. ET, Jupiter—planet of growth and expansion—will station retrograde in Aries. This optimistic outer planet will join the ranks with dreamy Neptune, karmic Saturn, sensitive Chiron and transformative Pluto, which are other celestial bodies that happen to be retrograde at the moment. Before you start running for cover, it’s worth noting that Jupiter retrograde is nothing like Mercury retrograde, which tends to be a far more disruptive experience. After all, Jupiter is considered an outer planet, which means it has less of an impact on your day-to-day existence. Instead, the outer planets help shape the larger trends of your life. And since Jupiter is such a joyous and adventurous planet, this four-month-long retrograde might not be so bad!

In astrology, Jupiter is considered “The Great Benefic”—in other words, this planet is famous for bringing good fortune. Jupiter is also said to expand upon any area of your life it interacts with in your birth chart, augmenting everything it touches! It is often the planet astrologers turn to in order to understand what brings you joy and wisdom. And because every positive comes with a negative, Jupiter can also encourage overindulgence and overconfidence. While this retrograde may force you to rethink a few things, astrology encourages us to adore Jupiter, even when it’s retrograde!

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What Is Jupiter Retrograde?

Since Jupiter moves at a moderate speed—slower than Venus, Mars and Mercury, but faster than Saturn, Neptune and Pluto—it takes about 12 to 13 months for Jupiter to make it through one zodiac sign and 12 years to complete one full rotation around the sun. This essentially means you get to experience an entire year of blessings and good ol’ fashioned luck to rain down on a different aspect of your life. Every year, Jupiter spends around 4 to 5 months retrograde, and quite often, the experience is riddled with opportunities to recapture missed chances, revisit previous endeavors and even gain greater clarity when it comes to your hopes and dreams.

Jupiter retrograde wants you to pause, reexamine where you are now and rethink where you want to go next.

Jupiter will station retrograde at 8 degrees Aries, which is a hyper-competitive, headstrong and impulsive fire sign. This will force you to rethink what you’re truly trying to accomplish, as Aries always has its eye on victory. It may even help you realize when you’ve allowed your pride to get in the way of your growth, as Aries has a tendency to take failure much more personally than other zodiac signs. If you’ve been getting too caught up in the rush of things, you could be feeling a bit burnt out or even a little off track by now. This is where Jupiter retrograde will come in handy! Jupiter retrograde wants you to pause, reexamine where you are now and rethink where you want to go next. Jupiter always wants you to make sure your intentions are aligned with the future you’re creating.

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When Does Jupiter Retrograde End?

Jupiter will retrograde through Aries until October 28, which is when Jupiter will re-enter Pisces for a second time this year, taking a brief dive into the emotional lagoon of this mutable water sign. This will help you further uncover and explore your psyche as you delve deeper into your own personal dreamworld! When Jupiter is in Pisces, spirituality, compassion and connectivity are key themes. It will invite you to dig into your emotions and search for deeper meanings, especially when it comes to the life you want to live! As Jupiter retrograde comes to an end on November 23 at 28 degrees Pisces, it will be time of spiritual release and renewal. Lean into it!

If you’ve been desperate for a break from the chaos that is 2022, this is one retrograde you’ll might even enjoy. Just remember to make the most of it by looking within, embracing your feelings and allowing them to guide you to your dreams. Introspection is key—especially when Jupiter is retrograde!

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