Welcome To The Jungle: Spring’s Newest Big Print (And How To Wear It)

Liz Doupnik
Welcome To The Jungle: Spring’s Newest Big Print (And How To Wear It)
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If you’re anything like us, packing for a weekend away, sprucing up for Sunday brunch or simply getting dressed for another day at the office calls for variety – majorly. So you’ve stocked up on your florals and have animal prints like whoa, but your spring direction seems a little lacking (at least that’s the way we feel). Is there a happy medium between looking like you should be in the zoo or a garden? We think so.

We’ve been pretty keen on this whole floral dilemma going on right now, it’s awesome how you can translate it for anything and a good animal print will always remain near and dear to our hearts and then it dawned on us, what if the two, like, merged? After scoping out some of our favorite editorials, we noticed we’re not the only ones, there seems to be a new kid on the print block and we’re super stoked to welcome it, to say the least.

Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce the safari print into your pattern posse. Not only will this definitely get you into early summer, it’s a bit more demure (if you feel like it) or can be insanely electrifying, but somehow manages to maintain a sophisticated edge. Perfect for anything from bloomers to blazers, we thought it’d be breaking maje girl code to keep this to ourselves.

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All photos via Fashion Gone Rogue.

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You have a day of meetings but it's gorg out. A tailored suit in a bright safari trend will bring the sun no matter where you go.

Whether it's the chilly AC or not quite warm enough for shorts, these pants say spring no matter where you go.

Packing for spring break? Going on a long weekend? This is a great update to your worn-out floral numbers.

In an attempt to avoid looking like a grandma, this medley will have you looking 1/2 sexy, 1/2 lady, 1 whole amazing.

One our biggest obsessions for the season, the bloomer, looks perfect by the pool or with tights for a night out.

Enough black already! We know you're fun, now show it! This print will spruce up just about any shape.

It's that time to start the dreaded swim suit shopping deal. At least have fun with the print during the excruciating process!

We're super into the prim silhouette this season. Channel your retro Hollywood side to look refreshingly modern!

Leave your short shorts at home, totally appropriate for the office, when covered in the print they look absolutely adorable!

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