June Mood Board: 11 Things That Are Inspiring Us This Month

A new month is officially here, and our editorial team has been injected with all sorts of summer-spiration, making it the perfect time for the next installment of our StyleCaster Mood Board series, where we highlight all our favorite things every month!

Our interests are varied—from pop culture and music to the arts, interior design, and (of course!) fashion. Here, we’ve highlighted 11 things our editors are ecstatic about this month. Take a look, and let us know: What’s your June inspiration?

Sam Lim Moodboard_June (1)

1. Vintage Chanel Bags
When we first discovered Designer Vault, we started smashing piggy banks to buy something from their spectacular Chanel collection.  Now, we’re also trolling vintage luxury sites and stores for these incredibly unique and coveted vintage bags.

2. Summer of Sex
Looking ahead to months packed with hot nights and hotter guys, this summer is all about s-e-x.  We’ll be covering everything from sex appeal to sexy styles, to sexuality through the ages.  It’s going to be a steamy summer, people.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Cream Lipstick 
The new lipsticks are inspired by Sicilian roses for their rich colors and utter softness (they are so velvety on the lips).  With tons of shades in six different categories—from corals to nudes—we assure you, these will be easier to wear than their green lipstick.

4. Metallic Nike Wedges
Nike’s Dunk Sky Hi’ sneaker wedges are the freshest sneakers we’ve seen all summer. The liquid-y metallic color is as attention-grabbing as any designer stiletto—but at half the price and twice the comfort. When you get your own, here are 85 ways to style those sneakers. 

5. YSL Movie
In 1958, the mere age of 21, the brilliant Yves Saint Laurent was called up to lead the iconic house of Dior, and since that day in 1958 he has revolutionized the way elegant women dress. Alongside his lifelong love and business partner Pierre Berge, they went on to build one of the most luxurious fashion houses our eyes have ever seen. Check out his story this month, and watch the trailer for a sneak peek.

6. Peonies
Known as the flower of riches, honor, and an omen of good fortune in love, these beauties are back in season to brighten up our lives (not to mention how good your bouquet will look on Instagram!). Try a fresh handful of pink ones in a mason jar tied with a ribbon, or a chic bundle of white in a glass vase.  Not a natural florist? Try these tips on bouquet-making to help you out.

7. George Clooney’s Tequila
Ever since we heard about its weight-loss potential, our cocktail of choice has been tequila-based. As sad as we were the day our dreams of marrying George Clooney were crushed, we were comforted in hearing his launch of tequila brand Casamigos. “We love tequila.” Clooney stated, “On the rocks, by the shot, at times, straight from the bottle. Our idea was to make the best-tasting, smoothest tequila whose taste didn’t have to be covered up with salt or lime.” Drink it on the rocks, top off with your favorite fruit juice, or try Clooney’s personal favorite recipe and your cocktails are set for the entire summer.

8. Embellished Sunglasses
Sunny days are here again and that means every day calls for a fun new pair of sunglasses! Stock up on embellished styles this season to be the trendiest girl on the block.

9. Barefoot Sandals
Since we have a slew of summer beach weddings to attend, we’ve been ooh-ing and ahh-ing over these beautifully elegant foot accessories that replace your need for shoes  in the sand.  There are so many chic options you’ll even be comfortable in black tie!

10. Gay Pride
This annual march began in 1970 and is a demonstration for civil rights (as well as an excuse to dress in elaborate costume and party!). The NYC parade may not be until the end of Gay Pride Month, but don’t worry, there are Pride festivals and parades all around the country including:  Boston (June 6 to 16); Washington (June 6 to 8); Key West, Fla. (June 11 to 15); Houston (June 20 to 29); New Orleans (June 20 to 22); Denver (June 21 to 22); Chicago (June 28 to 29); and San Francisco (June 28 to 29). You can find a full list at gaypridecalendar.com.

11. International Picnic Day Wednesday June 18th
We’re all about a holiday for no reason, and this is just as good as any. If you can, spread a picnic blanket out in the park on Wednesday June 18th, and munch on some home-made snacks. If you’re at work, try giving it a whirl in the office! (We’ll be luxuriating in our conference room with this Clos on the Go by Trina Turk.)