June Horoscopes—Or, an Open Love Letter to Beyoncé

June Horoscopes—Or, an Open Love Letter to Beyoncé
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Time is a flat circle, and it is now (somehow) June 2019. Which means—you guessed it—June 2019 horoscopes and some real intense Gemini energy/vibes. Lucky! And given that this is my birthday month, you will have to indulge me and my unconnected metaphors and deep and enduring love for the em dash. Which, unsurprisingly, will be a theme for all signs this summer. Indulgence. Think ladies-enjoying-chocolate-while-somehow-enveloped-in-white-satin indulgence.

Sometimes it feels like we’re all just waiting for this ONE special occasion to make everything worth it. Like, some weird adult-version of prom that isn’t quite a wedding or a funeral but carries the same weight. Why else do we save our nicest outfits and makeup and ideas and LIFE for some unknown future date when we will finally be Worthy?

Speaking of Worthy, it’s hard to talk about indulgence and self-worth without looking at Beyoncé for guidance. Specifically, this one lyric in “All Night” off her hella renowned album, Lemonade: “Nothing real can be threatened; true love breathes salvation.” I mean, Beyoncé’s lyrics generally slap hard (talking about level ~6-8 on a general 10-level scale)—but this one that just sucker-punches me every time I hear it.

Like, what kind of sorcery-truth-witchy-shit is THAT? You know when something is so true it just sort of ends you for a second? Nothing real can be threatened. True love is salvation? Like the love a mother has for her child, or the way you feel about your childhood best friend. All of these tenuous things you can’t hold in your hands that are realer than anything you could ever throw out of a window.

Because that’s what we’re really talking about when we talk about worthiness and indulgence. We’re talking about big feelings and how we treat ourselves internally and externally. And really, if we treat ourselves like children, with care and softness and empathy, with indulgence and patience, that is what’s real. That is our salvation.

1astrological signs aries v2 June Horoscopes—Or, an Open Love Letter to Beyoncé

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Aries –

This time of year can be challenging for you, Aries, as your structures and routines may change due to the summer season. Lean into forming your own routines that leave room for spontaneity and growth but keep your mind and body engaged. Whether it be taking up walking, or meeting with friends a few times a month for Dungeons and Dragons. Invest in creating a life that challenges you and brings you contentment.


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Taurus –

Indulgence doesn’t come easily to you, Taurus. But this month, think of indulgence in terms of what YOU savor. Is it waking up a few minutes early to avoid traffic? Watching the same season of your favorite show over and over? Indulgence is up to you to define. Whatever makes you feel good during and after.

3astrological signs gemini June Horoscopes—Or, an Open Love Letter to Beyoncé

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Gemini –

Happy birthday, brethren. Your energy is at its peak, which can lead to frenzied decisions and sometimes regret. As always, protect your heart. Keep the big picture of your goals and life in mind. For air signs, it’s easy to focus on the minute details while forgetting the bigger picture. Don’t be afraid to pause. To think. To come back to it all in the morning, and then make a choice.

cancer June Horoscopes—Or, an Open Love Letter to Beyoncé

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Cancer –

Major life changes are heading your way this summer, precious Cancer. And more importantly, you are changing. As a deep feeler, your tendency to feel stress and overwhelm might rear its head. But take a deep breath. Feel everything and keep going. Tell yourself the truth: that you can handle anything that comes your way. Lead with your head AND your heart.

5astrological signs leo v2 June Horoscopes—Or, an Open Love Letter to Beyoncé

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Leo –

Like Gemini, your charismatic nature brings opportunities and fruitful relationships straight to you. This month, soften your tongue and err on the side of compassion in your communication. Your honesty is appreciated, but without proper care and ‘I’ language—can come off cold or judgmental. It’s not about sugar coating, it’s about forgiveness and truth in its FULL context.

6astrological signs virgo June Horoscopes—Or, an Open Love Letter to Beyoncé

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Virgo –

Sensitive Virgo, sometimes it can feel like the entire weight of the world is resting on your shoulders. You, more than any other sign, should really focus on indulgence this June. And specifically, joy. Pure, child-like joy. This month, I hope you eat ice cream in your flip-flops on a porch somewhere beautiful and think: Damn, I’m amazing.

Libra: Sept. 23 – Oct. 22

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Libra –

The thing that no one talks about when it comes to balance, is how often we need to get it wrong in order to eventually get it right. This month, I want you to get down and dirty. Re-assess what you need to be happy AND healthy—and let yourself screw up along the way. Wear a red lip to walk your dog and an evening gown in your house while you eat takeout. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Make it messy.

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Scorpio –

Discipline and boundaries are important to you, Scorpio, and for good reason. How we let others treat us is a direct reflection of how we treat ourselves. Are you setting firm and compassionate boundaries for yourself? And equally as important—are you respecting others boundaries? This month, reflect on your relationships and these questions. Self-care is self-respect.

9astrological signs sagittarius June Horoscopes—Or, an Open Love Letter to Beyoncé

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Sagittarius –

Intense energy will surround you this month as the past comes around for a repeat performance. That might mean a wishy-washy text from an ex, a work project somehow boomeranging around and requiring extra blood, sweat and tears. Don’t let old patterns drag you off course—things are different this time around. You are different.

capricorn June Horoscopes—Or, an Open Love Letter to Beyoncé

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Capricorn –

Mercury enters Taurus on May 6, which bodes well for communication and creativity in all facets of your life. Follow your ideas—however ‘pointless’ or ‘unproductive’ they may seem, they all flow towards a greater and more fulfilling life. This might mean making handmade birthday cards, or painting all of your friends dogs and hanging them up in your bathroom. Not everything needs monetary value to be important.

11astrological signs aquarius June Horoscopes—Or, an Open Love Letter to Beyoncé

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Aquarius –

It’s easy for all the signs to take your easy-going nature as a character trait that supersedes all moods, environmental and situational stress (hello, finals and thesis!), and just general malaise. This month, practice saying no. Just no. No explanations, or excuses, or anything else. “No” is a complete sentence, answer, and completely acceptable response to most questions. You deserve a break, and it’s not your job to carry yourself and everyone else. Protect your heart. Protect your time.


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Pisces –

Constantly torn between fantasy and reality—this month is about the manifestation of both. Listen, I’m not saying it’s easy to thread together all your fantasies into a realistic and cohesive whole. But it’s possible. This month, notice when you turn to escapism instead of working hard towards your goals. Baby steps, Pisces.

Get groovy this month, sweet signs. Soak up that Gemini energy and jump off a plane or send a risky text. We only get this one, precious life. Let’s make it juicy.

In the words of our immortal Bey, “We have to care about our bodies and what we put in them. Women have to take the time to focus on our mental health—take time for self, for the spiritual, without feeling guilty or selfish. The world will see you the way you see you, and treat you the way you treat yourself.”

With love and salvation, N.