Your July Horoscope Predicts A Clean Slate—Just As Soon As Mercury Retrograde Is Over

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Your July Horoscope Predicts A Clean Slate—Just As Soon As Mercury Retrograde Is Over
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In with one month and out with the other; your July 2020 horoscope is here. July means you’re in the thick of summer. The heat is pulsating, the passion is raw and the world feels lit on fire. In fact, this month is brimming with so much life that you might start it off feeling like an eager caterpillar, waiting patiently in its cocoon before spreading its colorful wings and flying away.

As the sun transits the emotional, nostalgic water sign of Cancer while Mercury retrograde is underway, the month begins with a period of introspection, reflection and review. If you’re feeling a bit scatterbrained and sloppy, it’s no wonder. Mercury retrograde takes you back in time, making it difficult to think ahead or start anything new. However, Mercury Rx can be a great time to add the finishing touches to any existing projects and get a sense of closure from your past!

Said past will really creep in when Saturn retrograde—which began on May 11—re-enters Capricorn on July 1. Since Capricorn is associated with authority, karma and boundaries, you may be facing the consequences of some of your actions, but don’t be nervous! You’re doing so much spiritual healing, especially when wounded Chiron—planet of the recovered strength—stations retrograde on July 11. Remember: you’re a constant work in progress, and tomorrow is always a new day.

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Speaking of new days, a life-changing lunar eclipse in Capricorn will take place on July 5 at 12:44 a.m. ET. This is the last eclipse of the Cancer-Capricorn series that began in 2018, so you will likely have a major revelation or experience a sense of finality to a chapter in your life. Since Capricorn is all about self-sufficiency, you may feel like you’re being forced to grow up way too fast. However, anything that happens during an eclipse was always meant to happen and it will always be something you can handle. By the time you fully process the shift, you’ll feel proud of yourself for doing so.

Get ready to come back to life when Mercury stations direct on July 12. This will help you think more clearly, communicate more directly and plan for the future! And when the new moon in Cancer provides you with a clean slate on July 20, you’ll have the opportunity to set an intention and let it guide you forward. Speak your desires into reality!

When the sun enters creative, vivacious, romantic fire sign Leo on July 22, it will jumpstart a season of laidback excitement where positivity flows toward you with ease. After all, the month ends with a magical (and rare) transit known as Jupiter sextile Neptune. Jupiter is expansive and optimistic, while Neptune is dreamy and compassionate. Open your heart to beauty and it will most definitely arrive.

Read on for a peek at how each zodiac sign will handle July, and follow the link to your full horoscope below.

STYLECASTER | Aries zodiac sign

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Aries, your horoscope for July 2020 starts off with a bang. July begins with your foot placed firmly on the gas pedal. You’ve got driven Mars—your ruling planet—transiting your first house of the self for the next few months, charging you with energy and conviction! Read your full monthly horoscope here.

STYLECASTER | taurus zodiac sign

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Pack your bags, Taurus, because you’ll be going somewhere very unexpected this month! When a lunar eclipse blasts through your ninth house of expansion and adventure on July 5, you’re pushed to take a step back and look at the big picture. There’s a whole world out there, just waiting for you to explore it. Read your full monthly horoscope here.

STYLECASTER | gemini zodiac sign

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You’re adaptable and resilient, Gemini; it’s what makes you the mutable air sign that you are! That’s why it’s really no big deal that Mercury—your ruling planet—is retrograde until July 12…well, aside from the fact that you’re probably feeling more confused, stressed out and disconnected than ever. Read your full monthly horoscope here.

STYLECASTER | cancer zodiac sign

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The universe is flowing with your empathetic, intuitive, protective and downright witchy energy and you’re loving it. However, don’t get ahead of yourself just yet! Your horoscope predicts an intense month, so get ready for a chaotic, powerful, out-of-this-world, potentially life-changing few weeks. Read your full monthly horoscope here.

STYLECASTER | leo zodiac sign

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You may feel like retreating into your own little world this July, Leo. Satisfy your desire for some meaningful alone time! After all, Mercury is retrograding through your 12th house of spirituality until July 12. This month, you can align your mind, body and spirit with ease. Read your full monthly horoscope here.

STYLECASTER | virgo zodiac sign

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Uh-oh, Virgo! July begins with Mercury—your ruling planet—spinning through retrograde until July 12. Nobody likes Mercury retrograde, but unless they’re a Virgo, they honestly have no reason complain! After all, this transit has a massive affect on you, and since it takes place in your 11th house of community, you might feel a little disconnected with your friends. Read your full monthly horoscope here.

STYLECASTER | libra zodiac sign

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July will be a month to focus on your career goals and rethink where you’re headed. After all, Cancer season always lights up your 10th house of reputation and social status, inspiring you to give the world something interesting to talk about! Read your full monthly horoscope here.

STYLECASTER | scorpio zodiac sign

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It’s time to remember what matters most to you, Scorpio. Spend time reconnecting with your philosophy of life, and until Mercury retrograde comes to an end on July 12, work on rediscovering the deeper meanings behind everything you value. As this retrograde spins through your ninth house of adventure and expansion, understand that sometimes you must lose control in order to find yourself all over again. Read your full monthly horoscope here.

STYLECASTER | sagittarius zodiac sign

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Sag, you’ll spend the month learning what’s here to stay and what it’s time to let go of. This experience may be emotionally heavy, so go easy on yourself. With Mercury retrograding through your intense eighth house of death and rebirth until July 11, you may be drifting back into a situation you thought was over. However, as it turns out, there’s still plenty of unfinished business to attend to. Read your full monthly horoscope here.

STYLECASTER | capricorn zodiac sign

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To put it bluntly: a lot is happening for you this month, Capricorn! Get ready, because a potentially life-changing, transformative and downright surprising lunar eclipse shatters the universe for your zodiac sign on July 5. Landing right in your first house of the self, this lunar eclipse will speed up the path toward your ultimate destiny. It’s time to grow up and leave behind what’s no longer serving you! Read your full monthly horoscope here.

STYLECASTER | aquarius zodiac sign

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With Mercury retrograding through your sixth house of work and daily routine until July 11, you’re learning some major lessons about time management, priorities and the benefits of a good routine. Even though you may feel a bit disorganized during this time, it will teach you what you can do differently as you structure your life going forward. Read your full monthly horoscope here.

STYLECASTER | pisces zodiac sign

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The month of July will challenge your commitment to your creativity, Pisces. At times you may feel as though you’re struggling to be inspired, but trust that you’re learning how to find light in times of darkness. Read your full monthly horoscope here.

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