Just In: Your July 2017 Horoscope

Just In: Your July 2017 Horoscope
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In July the sun passes from the watery shores of Cancer to the vibrant beach campfire that is Leo. The heat’s undeniably intense as the month opens, with power plays courtesy of Pluto challenging our motivations. This feels overwhelming, and continues to feature as a signature of the emotional full moon on the 9th (7AM EST) felt through Monday the 10th. Practice self-care and get plenty of rest on this action-packed weekend.

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It’s a month with momentum: Mercury moves swiftly from Cancer though Leo and into Virgo; Venus moves from languid Taurus to sprightly Gemini, making a gregarious connection through the airwaves on the 18th. Look out for lady luck on this beautifully auspicious day and embrace fresh starts with enthusiasm on the new moon early July 23rd (5:46AM EST).

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July horoscopes: cancer
Cancer: June 22–July 22

You’re highly energized now, Cancer, and poised to throw yourself into personal endeavors that propel you forwards.

However, a partnership features significantly early in the month, too, with relationship issues coming full circle by July 8th. It could be hard to relax on this emotional day, so navigate gently as self-care is paramount.

Focus shifts to your role, income and savings towards month's end. After the 23rd, full attention centers on occupation. It’s important and totally possible to feel proud of yourself and your approach to earnings, so if you’re lacking motivation it’s possible to begin again, refreshing your interest in the position that delivers rewards.

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July horoscopes: leo
Leo: July 23–August 22

Take a step back from your usual position in the limelight, Leo. Though it’s a sociable time, the stars support your rejuvenation so escape the norm and go off-grid.

You’ll be re-energized and raring to go at month's end. Note the 27th as a particularly vibrant day. Dedicate your efforts to closure, begin to wave goodbye to projects, relationships and all that’s no longer working for you.

The 23rd provides fertile soil to plant personal wishes, with a fresh start for your sign. Watch out for the weekend of the 8th, which could be busy and leave you feeling overwhelmed.

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July horoscopes: virgo
Virgo: August 23–September 22

You’re engaged in a group as the month opens, with collaboration, community and social connection in focus.

Reach out to likeminded people before the 6th, after which you’re drawn offline. Even though you're surrounded by a crowd, you’re more inclined to seek solace, tuning out unnecessary distractions and closing down all that’s not needed to progress.

It’s a powerful time to initiate closure, and after the 26th you’re well equipped to make sense of endings and goodbyes. Supportive relationships can enhance your reputation now, and around the 18th in particular you can appear in a positive light, reaping the rewards of recent efforts in your role.

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July horoscopes: libra
Libra: September 23–October 22

Though it’s a season for success and public recognition, home is powerfully highlighted on the 9th, with an emotional full moon promising revelations in your domestic sector.

Despite being called into a visible position, feelings can be powerful during this time, so be prepared to honor the mood.

Glittering adventures beckon in July, so be open and optimistic, taking steps in your personal journey—you’re supported on your path, particularly on the 18th.

Welcome fresh starts in your community towards month's end, anticipating new networks, friends and collaborators. Think of ideal cheerleaders and the squad you seek around the 23rd.

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July horoscopes: scorpio
Scorpio: October 23–November 21

Having broadened your horizons, you enter the July with optimism, embracing travel, education, foreign connections or a project that puts your thoughts into the public domain.

You’re loyal to firm friends, and on the 9th, close community is visible, reminding you to balance far-reaching pursuits and exciting goals in tandem with reliable, steadfast allies.

After the 21st your focus shifts—getting ahead using an ambitious stride becomes a priority and you could feel ready to face the world in a more public fashion now. Proudly promote yourself, setting out long term goals on the 23rd. You’ll gain resources for your special plans on the 18th.

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July horoscopes: sagittarius
Sagittarius: November 22–December 21

Resources are front of mind as the month begins. A powerful day for money arrives on the 9th, when finances are spotlighted and you gain awareness of your role in perspective to others.

Don’t compare yourself to peers or those in extended circles. Friendship could deepen on the 18th with a sweet exchange.

Thoughts turn to adventure on the 6th and you can set about researching plans to travel, learn or launch with excitement and high spirits. Later in July you’ll embrace education or faraway places, as foreign connections and new ideas call. The 23rd provides the fresh start you need to express yourself.

Illustration: Candace Napier
July horoscopes: capricorn
Capricorn: December 22–January 19

Though it’s a time of honoring the dynamic between yourself and others, take time out to celebrate solo ventures and personal transformation, Capricorn.

Partnerships across love, friendship, business and all manner of collaborations demand your attention, yet it’s important that you’re seen, too—and on the 9th you’ll be hard to miss.

Your most significant relationships are played out on a more serious stage as the month unfolds, leading to renewed commitments in private affairs that encompass financial, property, legal or contractual agreements.

Sexual attraction could be powerfully consuming now, too! Thankfully, career and work lightens, with lots of luck in day-to-day life, particularly July 18th.

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July horoscopes: aquarius
Aquarius: January 20–February 18

You enter July in the midst of a busy cycle, powering ahead with heaps of drive and focus.

Know that you’ll enter a beautiful time for pleasure and romance on the 5th, when thoughts turn resolutely to others. If you’re single, this is an excellent time to welcome love closer. As the month unfolds you’ll become more inclined to focus on key relationships, with the potential for new unions to blossom—including those that support your vision!

The 9th delivers a sense of closure; if you’ve eradicated habits or partnerships, acknowledge a sense of finality. It could be an overwhelming weekend, so take it slow.

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July horoscopes: pisces
Pisces: February 19–March 20

There’s space for creative thinking and fun in the weeks ahead. You’re in the midst of a highly imaginative cycle!

However, focus shifts early in the month, turning your attention from pure pleasure to bringing order from your dreams. Get down to business on the 23rd, making decisions about your daily duties and work schedule for the foreseeable future. Until then, enjoy yourself Pisces.

The power of a group is emphasized around the 9th, forcing attention away from individual priorities and towards your extended network. Investments connected to emotional stability can work in your favor around the 18th, yet might still clash with your ideal vision.

Illustration: Candace Napier
July horoscopes: aries
Aries: March 21–April 19

Power struggles arise early in the month as home, your emotional sanctuary, and those closest to you dominate your attention—and yet success on a wider platform demands you take note, too.

Matters come to an emotional head on the 8th, when personal achievements of the last six months are validated and others acknowledge your position.

Start thinking creatively after the 6th and brainstorm passion projects. Starting on the 21st, an artistic project or romance fuels and consumes you.

Focus on the things that bring you pleasure and embrace a renewed sense of play. The 27th lights up your interests with undeniable vibrancy.

Illustration: Candace Napier
July horoscopes: taurus
Taurus: April 20–May 20

You’ve been exceptionally busy these past months, and in weeks ahead there’s potential for lucrative rewards to become available.

Equally, feeling good about yourself and all you do can be rewarding—note July 18th as particularly powerful, with efforts to date coming to fruition.

The 9th highlights a different kind of achievement. Lessons learned are revealed, providing a moment to acknowledge the education life has to offer on so many levels.

It’s possible to build your skills and connect ideas throughout July; however, towards month's end major new beginnings are presented at home, so focus inward on the 23rd and beyond.

Illustration: Candace Napier
July horoscopes: gemini
Gemini: May 21–June 21

There’s momentum in the weeks ahead, which delivers opportunities for you to thrive practically.

Think through important financial or work matters before the 6th, after which it’ll become more compelling to step out into your local environment with fresh eyes. It’s easier to add to your skill set too, learning among friends. Embrace new interests on the 23rd.

Life gets sweeter after the 5th, while July 18th is outstanding for expressions of love, affection and personal projects you adore. Resources are significantly spotlighted on the 8th, a date that could emphasize power dynamics in relationships. After the 26th, it’s home that delivers stimulation.

Illustration: Candace Napier

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