Julianne Hough Showed Off Her Sun-Kissed Freckles in a Makeup-Free Selfie

Julianne Hough
Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images.

Summer might be coming to an end, but that isn’t stopping Julianne Hough from soaking in as much sun as she can. The 30-year-old dancer—and BlogHer18 Health Speaker—is currently on vacation in Coeur d’Alene, and she isn’t wasting any moment. In between wave-boarding and hanging out by the lake, the Dancing with the Stars judge also took a break to show off her natural, sun-kissed freckles. And needless to say, she looks stunning.

In a selfie on her Instagram story, Hough showed off her reddish brown birth marks, which were spread across her face, around her nose and eyes. The picture also featured Hough makeup-free and au naturale, which gave fans a full view of her freckles, which she paired with a set of dark brows and a messy updo. “Sun freckles,” she captioned the picture.

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julianne hough Julianne Hough Showed Off Her Sun Kissed Freckles in a Makeup Free Selfie

Photo: Instagram (@JulianneHough).

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As we know from celebrities, such as Brooklyn Decker and Lily Collins, summer brings out the best of our freckles. Loving the frecks, Hough. Can’t wait to see the next star to show them off.