ICYMI: 15-Year-Old Yulia Lipnitskaya Rocked The Olympics With Her Amazing Ice Skating Routine

Becca Endicott

With wunderkinds like Tavi Gevinson and Lorde running around, we’re pretty accustomed to child prodigies these days. That being said, Yulia Lipnitskaya is in a class all her own. The 15-year-old Russian figure skater won her first gold yesterday in the women’s Figure Skating Team Free Program, making her Russia’s youngest gold medalist ever in figure skating. She beat out Tara Lipinski’s 1998 record for youngest gold metal champion in figure skating; Lipnitskaya is just 6 days younger than Lipinski was when she held the honor.

She skated circles around the competition yesterday, giving a near-perfect performance set to the haunting score of Schindler’s List. Lipnitskaya exhibited a combination of technical precision and boneless grace that brought the audience to a standing ovation, and prompted the judges to award her the second-highest score ever for the Olympic Women’s Free Skate. Clad in a red military-esque hussar’s jacket and a smoky grey skirt, Lipnitskaya twirled and whirled and brought the house down.

Though her program from Sochi isn’t available online yet, check out Lipnitskaya performing the same routine three weeks ago at the European Figure Skating Championships, and check out those amazing spins!