JT Wants to Expand Your Golf Knowledge


So Justin Timberlake wants to write a golf book. There’s really no other way to start this story. It simply speaks for itself. The dude can multi-task: smoking pot, dating Mary Camden, and being adept at box-related Christmas crafts can exhaust a guy. But Justin Timberlake does not sleep.

Apparently lit agent to the stars David Vigliano sent out a short proposal last month detailing Timberlake’s love for the game and his wish to pursue a memoir-ish collection of golf game stories.

Honestly, if Lauren Conrad can pen something on at least a 6th grade reading level, there may just be a demographic for hip-hop hipsters who want to improve their golf swing while maintaining their newsboy caps in questionable weather.

I’m just not sure how I feel about seeing JT: Bringing Backswing Back on the Borders nonfiction shelves (or the probable follow-up hit single, “I Like It In the Rough”).