Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sings While Gingrich Talks About Money

Spencer Cain

In the past six months, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has gotten ridiculously funny. Maybe he was funny before, but he has seriously come out of the humor closet and shown the world that he’s more than just a really talented actor. Oh, and he can totally sing too! Remember his little New Year’s Eve ditty with Zooey Deschanel? I melted.

Anyway, JGL’s latest is in collaboration with the Gregory Brothers, also known as the creators of the simple but hysterical “Auto-Tune the News.” The video, entitled “Songify the News,” features JGL strumming on his guitar and singing, interspersed with clips of Newt Gingrich, Geraldo, and others talking about politics.

It’s amazing, so check it out below if all of this political hoopla has you in a confused tizzy.