Jordyn Woods’ Bold New Hair Color Is Literally Making Us Sweat

Kim Wong-Shing

Stop everything you’re doing and run to the beauty store right now. Jordyn Woods is rocking a new bright red hair color for winter, and who are we to argue with Jordyn Woods? We have no choice but to follow in her footsteps. Jordyn Woods’ Instagram post of her red hair looks like it was either inspired by Rihanna circa 2010 or by a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Either way, it looks amazing and we’re sweating.

Jordyn debuted the new hairstyle on Sunday. She tagged her stylist Jonathan Wright, who is apparently responsible for this dramatic change of hair color. Her caption was simply: “Jonathan came over.” Jordyn paired the fire-red locks with a very appropriate outfit for Scorpio season, ahem: a matching patent leather top crop top and leggings. Just another day in the life of Jordyn, NBD!

The hair color and outfit are another example of Jordyn giving absolutely zero f*cks ever since that cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson broke up her friendship with Kylie Jenner. Speaking of Kylie, some haters may think that Jordyn’s hair was inspired by her ex-best friend. Kylie rocked a similar red hue as part of her Little Mermaid costume for Halloween. But it’s not Halloween anymore — this is just everyday Jordyn, ya’ll, and we hope it lasts. An inspiration.

Jordyn recently launched a hair extensions collection in partnership with Easilocks. She’s clearly a hair enthusiast and changes her hairstyle often. However, she rarely experiments with wild colors (that was usually Kylie’s thing). Jordyn usually sticks to black, brown, or blonde—you know, the more basic hair colors. Prior to this weekend, her boldest hair color was probably a bright platinum blonde.

But clearly, this is not the old Jordyn. Nope, this is the Jordyn who hangs out with Megan Thee Stallion and goes viral for twerking in a bikini.

We’re here for it, and we’re here for this hair color. Calling Jonathan Wright! Can we get a tutorial?