SMH—Jordyn Woods Might Not Be Getting Paid For The ‘KUWTK’ Cheating Episode

Aramide Tinubu
Jordyn Woods
Photo: Shutterstock.

If someone is going to drag your name through the mud–again, then you should at least be getting paid for it. The biggest scandal on this season of KarJenner mania is about to hit our TV screens, but Jordyn Woods’ payment for the KUWTK cheating episode has not been confirmed. We won’t go over the dirty deets of the whole Tristan Thompson/Jordyn Woods saga again, but by now you should know, that lips were on folks they shouldn’t have been. In the aftermath, Khloé Kardashian, 34 tried to put all the blame on Jordy, 21. Naturally, Khloé got dragged, and now we’re here.

All season, Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been promoting the cheating scandal as the big blow out season finale. They threw Jordyn under the bus (yet another Black woman who they’ve done this too) even though Tristan kissed her, they are now using the 21-year-old for their show ratings. At one point in the episode, Kylie Jenner even claims she was “scared” of her former BFF. (Ok, microaggression). Though Jordyn is doing her best to remain unbothered by it all, saying quite fairly that everyone has their truth to tell, we just want to know if she’s getting a check for all of this drama.

From the beginning, many fans were convinced it was a PR stunt, but now that we know Khloé never wants to see Jordyn again, we think it was really just a horrible case of bad judgment. Still, Twitter wants to know if Jor is getting a check for these ratings she’s giving the KarJenners.

One Twitter user said, “If I were @jordynwoods my lawyer would be all over this.” While another added, “I hope Jordyn sues them for defamation. They’re really trying to stop her from getting her coins.”

To be clear, we know that the KarJenners all get a salary for showcasing their “lives.” Also, for anyone who appears on the show, a release has to be signed. We think Jordyn is bringing home something for all of this nonsense, and we’re sure Team Jordyn is going to ride for her on Sunday and promote her workout apparel line and lash collection during the episode well.

Whew chillay, we’re so glad KUWTK is about to go on hiatus.