Jordyn Woods Has Officially Mastered the Monochromatic Ensemble

Lindsey Lanquist
Jordyn Woods Has Officially Mastered the Monochromatic Ensemble
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Throwing together a monochromatic ensemble might seem like the easy way out. Wearing a single color has to be easier than combining a few, simple because there’s less to think about, right? Sure, except that monochromatic dressing requires serious thought, creativity and foresight—assuming you want to avoid looking like a walking Pantone swatch, of course.

Unless you’re combining all black everything (or occasionally, all white everything), creating a monochromatic outfit that genuinely looks good is surprisingly difficult. But it’s a skill Jordyn Woods has managed to master.

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Like everyone else on Instagram, Woods, a model, entrepreneur and close friend of Kylie Jenner‘s, routinely uploads photos of her OOTDs. But unlike everyone else on Instagram, Woods’ outfit posts usually consist of a single color.

Woods wears bright orange and only bright orange.

Or sparkly white and only sparkly white.

Or yellow and only yellow.

You get the picture. Woods’ affinity for color scheming has gone so far that she’s even posed in front of walls that match her outfits, and swapped her phone case for one that better coordinates with her look, or worn eyeshadow that’s the exact same shade (and level of sparkly) as the dress she’s wearing.

We’re witnessing some next-level commitment to monochromatic outfits, here. And a quick scroll through Woods’ Instagram will prove they’re more common than not; only a handful of her recent posts feature more than one color, and usually those are pops of color in otherwise single-tone looks.

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I suppose everyone in this world has a few obscure talents, and one of Woods’ is, clearly, styling monochromatic looks. Don’t hate the player, hate the game—or hate neither, because Woods is just doing her thing, and she looks great doing it.

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