This Is How Jordyn Woods Dealt With The Khloé Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Drama

Jordyn Woods
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Well, it’s been about six months since news broke that Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson shared an alleged kiss. Now, half a year later, Woods explained how she got through the stress of the past few months. Jordyn Woods’ hobbies during the Tristan Thompson scandal helped her get through it. It wasn’t just Khloé Kardashian’s life that was affected by the scandal, though she did get the short end of the stick. But Woods lost her best friend, Kardashian’s half-sister, Kylie Jenner.

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, the 21-year-old explained that finding ways to fill her time and distract herself from the pain surrounding this falling out was the most helpful thing she could do. Developing new interests and pastimes allowed Woods to cope with the stress of the media, the loss of her friend, and the drama with Kardashian and Thompson.

“When all this stuff happened, I stayed in and I started a lot of hobbies,” she explained to the outlet. And it seems Woods was open to trying a lot of different things. Puzzles, painting, piano playing (why does everything start with a “p”?. She also binge-watched Stranger Things, which like OK stop bragging, we’ve all done it. But we can totally see how Eleven and her gang of misfit, albeit badass friends on bikes, might help anyone through whatever they are dealing with. Last but not least, Woods tried crocheting. She admitted she didn’t like it, but we’re impressed she gave it a shot.

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner


The interviewer went on to ask Woods what the end of her friendship with Jenner felt like, and was it similar to a breakup? The model gave it some thought and then replied, “What’s the definition of a breakup?” She then went on Google for the answer before proceeding with the answer. “‘The separation or breaking up of something into several pieces or sections. The end of a relationship.’ Those are the two things. What I’d ask is, ‘Does anything really end? Or is it a cycle?’” OOooooO. Super deep. And honestly, fair question. Life is a circle, isn’t that what The Lion King is all about? The circle of life! So who knows, maybe Jenner and Woods will find their way back to each other at some point. Nothing’s really over till it’s over….

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