What Jordyn Wieber Thinks of Aly Raisman’s Ex Colton Underwood as ‘The Bachelor’

Jordyn Wieber
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If there’s anyone who has an honest opinion about who you’re dating, it’s your friends. So when Aly Raisman’s ex, Colton Underwood, was cast as The Bachelor for the ABC reality show’s 23rd season, we immediately looked to her friends for a reaction. And given our chance to chat with one of Raisman’s Fierce Five members, Jordyn Wieber, at BlogHerHealth19 on Thursday, we finally have an answer to the following: What Jordyn Wieber thinks of Aly Raisman’s ex Colton Underwood as The Bachelor.

To recap: Raisman and Underwood dated for six months from 2016 to 2017 after they were introduced to each other by Raisman’s friend and former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, whose husband, Andrew East, knew Underwood through the NFL. And though most details about their relationship are unknown, Underwood has hinted about Raisman on season 14 of The Bachelorette, in which he told Becca Kufrin that he’s only been in love “once,” and the woman who he was in love with broke his heart when she didn’t feel the same way. “And I’ve only been in love once, so it was hard because you don’t feel like you’re enough, or you feel like you’re missing something,” he said.

Aly Raisman and Colton Underwood

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In true Bachelor fashion, there seems to be a lot of drama behind Raisman and Underwood’s relationship, which brings us to Wieber: What does she think? “We haven’t really talked about it. But I have met Colton. He’s a really nice guy,” Wieber, who was honored with a Voices of the Year award, told reporters at BlogHerHealth19. “I’m not a huge Bachelor fan unfortunately. I also don’t watch a ton of TV. But I think it’s exciting.”

There you have it. Wieber doesn’t watch The Bachelor, but thinks Colton is a “nice guy.” Now … time to track down the opinions of the rest of the Fierce Five.