Peek Inside Jonathan Adler’s Stunning Summer House—and Read His Road-Trip Must-Haves

jonathan adler shelter island home

Photos: Ford Mustang ICON50/Allan Maldonado

Fact: When it comes to American cars, there’s nothing cooler—or more classic—than a Mustang. Which is why we were particularly psyched to celebrate the car’s 50th anniversary on New York’s summery Shelter Island with Ford and home decor guru Jonathan Adler, who teamed up to highlight 10 must-see destinations that are shaping what’s next in art, design, and architecture across America. You can check out his choice road trip destinations here

We also got to hang out at Adler’s (bananas) Shelter Island house for a clambake, where we asked him about how he plans a killer summer road trip. Check out his answers below, followed by some pretty massive real estate porn–aka photos of his house.

What are the secrets to planning a successful road trip?
Have a list of “must-see” places planned out (my east coast and west coast picks are here– but be prepared to throw the list out the window for a dose of spontaneity.

What are small things you can do to make a summer road trip a little more luxe than what most people probably picture?
Nothing turns a roadside motel into a chic hotel quicker than a scented candle. And, if you can swing it, rent an iconic car like a Ford Mustang. If you look good you’ll feel good—even if you’re just going to your in-laws.

What are the 5 things you’d never go on a road trip without?
1. My hubby Simon Doonan. He’s hilarious and, because he’s so short, he barely takes up any room.
2. One of my baby Alpaca throws. Soft, squishy, and they quickly end any fights over the AC.
3. PG Tips tea bags. I prefer to stay constantly caffeinated.
4. One of my beach towels—perfect for a picnic or an impromptu dip.
5. A wardrobe of sunnies. Driving off into the sunset isn’t nearly as chic as it should be if you’re spending the entire time squinting.

What’s your go-to summer drink and why?
I’m on a crusade to make the “Jonathan Adler” happen—iced tea with milk. I feel like this finally may be my summer.

jonathan adler house shelter island

Um, can we move in?

jonathan adler house shelter island




jonathan adler house shelter island




yellow mustang

The fierce yellow Mustang we got to drive all weekend.