The Jonas Brothers Pictures

Matthew Miller

With so many boy bands forming over the years, few last as long to live all through the night and fame. The Jonas Brother’s came into the spotlight in 2005 and have been rockin’ it ever since.  

Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas are Italian brothers who originate from New Jersey. They started performing at a young age and have continued their success to include sold out concerts around the globe and an array of films.

Their values and charity work make these brother’s desirable by millions of fans that not only include teenage girls and young women, but parents and respected leaders in the music and entertainment industry.

Over the years, the Jonas Brother’s have grown up from boys to young men. Their concerts and red carpet appearances capture not only their musical talents, but their fashion and style senses that have matured since their initial beginnings. From boys who wore t-shirts and sneakers, to men who wear ties, suits, and scarves; these Brother’s know what it takes to retain their presence both on stage and in public domain.

While Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas all express their individuality in their style and social lives, together these brothers are a trio of pop culture that includes music, acting and style talents.

With recent interests in Broadway and Theater, these brother’s are just as passionate about their music taste as they are for the diverse personal lives. With more projects and appearances in the works, these music and acting stars are coming to represent not only their personal work, but a generation of music and fashion trends. While we can only wonder what work these guys will create next, one thing is very certain. They are here to stay and have no intention of leaving the spotlight.

Flip through, and check out Photos from their performances and appearances! The hype is all there, in full style.