The Jonas Brothers Fashion and Style

Matthew Miller

Men love scarves as much as women, just ask the Jonas Brothers. While they wear their button downs and suits to the fullest, the Jonas Brothers don’t seem to be forgetting their true selves. From sporting jackets and blazers on the stage, to their preppy meets relaxed style at public speaking events, these guys know what to wear, how to where it, and how to stay fresh.

On stage, the brothers make use of their creative aspirations and collaborate their musical talents with their appearance. In most of their shows, you can spot them wearing t shirts with sport jackets or brightly colored button downs with comfortable jeans or pants. While their accompanying guitars certainly do not distract away the view of their fashion sense, they seem to be on their game when it comes to  choosing their shades and fabric types, and accessories to their advantage.

While on the red carpet and other various public events, the guys know when to dress up or down depending on the occasion. While they have been spotted more recently wearing cardigans and slick suits with matching ties and bow ties, the guys certainly know how to make the man fit the suit, not the suit fit the man.

Why are we so fascinated by their style you may ask? Well considering they are young, successful, and most certainly will be around for concerts to come, these brothers are on their way to representing a moment in time for music, men’s fashion, and entertainment. Flip through, check it out. See what all the hype is about. They’ve certainly had me purchase an additional blazer or two.