The Jonas Brothers Might Go on Tour with Demi Lovato & It’s 2008 All Over Again

Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato
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UMMM. Are all of our early 2000s dreams coming true? Will Demi Lovato be joining the Jonas Brothers on tour? It seems like it may happen!

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas just released one hell of a single, “Sucker.” And we are all *suckers* for it! It’s honestly a miracle. They are making people weep around the world with joy. And now a TOUR? It might be too much to handle. We’re beyond excited.

Pop Buzz sat down with the JoBros to ask them about their new release and upcoming tour plans. Their newly activated Twitter account came to life in time for the brothers to drop the release info of “Sucker.” And now—six whole years since the band initially split— the bros are reuniting to collaborate once again.

Nick explained why they chose this specific time to regroup.  “I think it actually started with us filming a documentary. We started filming the doc about a year or a year and a half ago, and it was really just to tell our story,” he began. “We started to spend a lot more time together, in a working sense, and realizing we were missing that magic, and that fun we had together back in the day and thinking that this could be a really exciting moment to get back to do this.”

jonas brotherrs The Jonas Brothers Might Go on Tour with Demi Lovato & Its 2008 All Over Again

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Nick continued, saying, “At different moments we all said ‘alright we’re ready’, it took some time to figure that out. But the minute we got back in and started writing again and just the idea of being in front of our fans after all these years, we can’t put into words. We’re so…to be honest, really humbled and just thankful that people stuck around with us.”

Joe then addressed the Instagram account reappearing. Last year, the JoBro’s account seemed to miraculously reappear, but the boys said it had been active the whole time. “It was just sitting there! I think a fan noticed that it was just around and then they said ‘I think it’s back!’”

hannah montana jonas brothers The Jonas Brothers Might Go on Tour with Demi Lovato & Its 2008 All Over Again

Hannah Montana.

PopBuzz asked the boys what they missed most about being in the band together. Joe spoke up saying quality time with his bro’s was the biggest loss. “Joe: “I think it’s those trips where you’re on the other side of the world and you wish you were experiencing it with your bros, I guess.”

Then Nick poked fun at his older brother, Kevin, for being the messy one of the group. The thing they don’t miss? Kevin’s living habits. “Kevin leaves things,” Nick explained. “He’s stayed at my house a bunch and he leaves bottles, cans and food just around. I wonder what he’s wife thinks? Does he do this at home?”

Kevin responded with, “Yeah. It’s our biggest quarrel. I’m working on it.” Huh. We wonder what his wife thinks of this habit.

kevin jonas wife The Jonas Brothers Might Go on Tour with Demi Lovato & Its 2008 All Over Again

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All three boys are in long-term committed relationships. Kevin married Danielle Jonas in 2009. You’ll remember, of course, that Nick and Priyanka Chopra just tied the knot in Mumbai, India back in December, 2018.

The multiple-day wedding ceremony was a whole family affair.

chopra jonas wedding The Jonas Brothers Might Go on Tour with Demi Lovato & Its 2008 All Over Again

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Joe’s fiancé, Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, can be spotted on the left with Joe. The couple is set to tie the knot this year.

All three Jonas women appeared in the boy’s most recent single. Check out their stellar performances in “Sucker.”

Finally, to wrap up the interview, PopBuzz asked the boys about a possible Camp Rock 3. Nick shut this idea down pretty quick.

“The answer is absolutely not,” he said. So it’s a no from Nick. “I don’t know about you guys,” he continued, “Camp Rock was a great chapter in our lives…”

camp rock The Jonas Brothers Might Go on Tour with Demi Lovato & Its 2008 All Over Again

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Joe chimed in saying he might be up for it down the road. “I wouldn’t be opposed to doing an SNL skit about Camp Rock but I also think it would be funny if we waited like 30 something years from now, when we’re really old.”

Nick said they “could” bring Demi Lovato on tour, though. So there might be a reunion in some sort of sense. “We could,” Nick said, when asked about hte possibility. Joe added, “I mean, we have a lot of ideas of getting people up on stage so that would be cool.”

Hell yeah it would be cool! We can’t wait!


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