The Jonas Brothers Coordinated Their Concert Outfits, and I Think I’m Crying

Maggie Griswold
The Jonas Brothers Coordinated Their Concert Outfits, and I Think I’m Crying
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I’ve been a fan of the Jonas Brothers since their humble beginnings during my middle school years. Unlike gauchos pants, which, thank god, have not made a comeback, the Jonas Brothers have reunited (obviously) and are, frankly, better than ever—including their style. On Wednesday night, at the Jonas Brothers’ Happiness Begins tour concert in Miami, Kevin, Joe and Nick all wore coordinating outfits. Does anyone else feel tears welling up in their eyes? Just me? Cool. Luckily, the ensembles do not resemble anything close to what they wore on stage in 2008, and for that I am truly thankful.

The Jonas Brothers have grown TF up, and their on-stage outfits are a total reflection of that. While, yes, the three brothers all wore coordinating suits while performing, each singer’s style was reflected. It reminds me a bit of how One Direction used to coordinate their stage outfits without sacrificing their individual personalties. (Don’t you just love boy band fashion?!) Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas strutted the stage in Miami looking incredible dapper, and I’m just upset I wasn’t actually there to witness it.

Jonas Brothers

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I mean, could they get any cuter? Nick somehow rocks an orange-y suit without looking like he’s a prison inmate. Kevin looks suave in a purple suit (and doesn’t look like Barney!). And Joe could honestly still get it even though he looks a little bit like the girl who turned into a blueberry in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I’m a sucker for these three brothers—including their colorful suits.

Jonas Brothers

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While there’s no denying that the Jonas Brothers look slightly like The Wiggles—only much, much hotter—I still love and support these on-stage looks. They probably sound so beautiful in person that I don’t know if I’d care what they were wearing if I saw the Jonas Brothers live, anyway. Until that day comes, I’ll just be here, listening to “Sucker” on repeat.