The Jonas Brothers 2011 Pictures

Matthew Miller

A year has many moments, and when you’re young and in the public domain no year is ever the same as the previous. In 2011 the Jonas Brothers embarked on world tours, attended countless award shows, sat in on TV and web interviews, walked the red carpet, and helped with various charities all while maintaining their style and social lives.

When you’re a musician and celebrity, you always have to look your best whether you are on stage performing or out in public domain. A plus with living life as a celebrity is that you have the opportunity to meet other successful individuals. The Jonas brothers are now global stars, constant traveling for tours, events such as Fashion Night Out in NYC, and down time to ride around in race cars or practice golfing in your make up room are all amenities when it comes to living large and living every moment to the fullest.

This is not to stay you shouldn’t forget to remember your humble beginnings. The Jonas Brothers are clearly very close and supportive of ¬†each other. While they started out together, they have relatively branched out to explore further individual interests and goals they have. Even the younger Frankie is beginning to make appearances. These other opportunities have come to include performing on Broadway in musicals, raising awareness for personal charities, and performing on stage in their best outfits.

Who wouldn’t want to spend their days and hours doing what they love to do? Since these brothers have fans across a wide spectrum, they are setting the standard for maintaining public lifestyles while being true clean cut and respectable young men that understand that they have an influence to change the world for the better. Here at Stylecaster leaving your ego at the door is essential, and these brothers leave their egos no where near the stage or spotlight.