Jon and Kate No More: Show Becomes ‘Kate Plus 8’


After months of UsWeekly covers proclaiming that Jon and Kate (of Jon and Kate Plus 8) were dunzo, the reality couple finally publicly announced their divorce in June. We figured this would be the end of the show, because let’s use common sense here; you can’t exactly have a show called Jon and Kate, without both the Jon and the Kate. Apparently TLC is skirting around the issue by renaming the show Kate Plus 8, sans “Jon.” Tricky, TLC, very tricky. Lucky for you, it still rhymes.

Despite ratings being down by nearly 80 percent since the show’s premiere this season, the newly named Kate Plus 8 will launch in November. The network plans to gear the show more towards the single mom angle, focusing on Kate’s struggle caring for eight children on her own. So does TLC expect the new name to up viewership? We’re doubtful that it’ll do the trick, but for the kids’ sakes we hope so. Now that Kate’s a single mom, she could use some help. Maybe the camera men can pitch in every now and then?