Jon and Kate: Divorce Already Causing Custody Battles


“I don’t care about Jon and Kate Plus 8. I don’t care about TLC…I want my kids off television.”

This statement came from Jon Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8 this week, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Mary Hart. In the exclusive segment, Gosselin spoke out about the custody battle over the couple’s eight kids, his new gf Hailey Glassman, and his negative feelings towards TLC.

Today, Jon and Kate will reunite for their twin daughters Mady and Cara’s birthday party (which won’t be filmed for the show, if Jon has anything to do with it). The father of eight makes it pretty clear to the ET host that he wants his kids to be off TV for good.

“It’s already had an impact on the kids. This thing has gotten so crazy and we’ve let too many people in, and everything’s going haywire…,” Jon told Hart. “They didn’t ask for this. It’s not their fault. But it is our fault by throwing our kids out there, shoving a camera in their face and asking an eight- or nine-year-old to explain it.”

So just out of curiosity Jon, if you’re worried about letting “too many people in,” why on Earth are you spilling all your dirty secrets to Mary Hart on national television? Because it’s in your kids best interests? Right, we get it.

Jon also dished that if he doesn’t win the court battle for custody of the eight kids, he’ll get visitation rights and then continue fighting for custody. And about that unspoken rule that says don’t discuss public relationships to the media? Apparently he didn’t get the memo. In the reality father’s words, Gosselin told Hart that Glassman is more supportive than Kate ever was and that she’s never put him down before. Sounds to us like someone just needs their ego to be stroked; but after a failed marriage and a reality show going down the tubes, I guess we can’t blame him.

Watch clips from the exclusive ET interview below: