Join Us For A Round Of The Oscars Drinking Game

Jessica Rubin

Alright kids, it’s here. The big night. The reputable, respected Academy Awards. Or, in our case, an excuse to get drunk and exercise our snark muscle while watching the red carpet. As you might already know, @StyleCaster and @SpencerHCain will be live tweeting the show tonight, so tune in for some moments of extreme hilarity. And of course they, along with StyleCaster team, will be playing the Oscars drinking game.

So join us, tweet us and let’s all cheers to a night full of nip-slips, awkward jokes and one drink too many. Scroll on down for our “official” rules!

1. Everytime The Artist wins an Oscar, take a sip of your beverage of choice.

2. Whenever an actress says they’re wearing Marchesa on the red carpet, drink for 5 seconds.

3. If someone’s acceptance speech is cut-off, the entire room does a round.

4. Whenever someone makes a joke about George Clooney on stage, have the room do a waterfall.

5. Take a shot for every “bleep” during a speech.

6. Choose a partner and take a shot together everytime someone gets confused and can’t figure out how to get backstage.

7. Take 2 shots for every speech where the winner awkwardly forgets to thank their equally famous spouse. Ouch.

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