Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman star in Sir Paul 'Beatle' McCartney's new music videos for the track "My Valentine"

OMG! Johnny Depp & Natalie Portman To Star In Paul McCartney’s New Music Videos

Susie G

Screen shot 2012 04 13 at 2.38.38 PM 690x637 OMG! Johnny Depp & Natalie Portman To Star In Paul McCartneys New Music Videos

Here goes for another “Oh. Em. Geeeeez.” moment for the day: Ultimate babe icon Johnny Depp and Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman will become the music industry’s next set of video stars, appearing in Sir Paul McCartney‘s latest videos for the track “My Valentine.” Oh, and you read that right — not just one single video was made for the living music legend’s new jam, but rather three separate ones.

The videos were set to premiere later today in Los Angeles at a special event, but it looks like someone managed to leak them out on to the Internet with UK-based print publications like Clash Magazine and The Sun picking up wind of the story with behind-the-scenes photos and and even a short clip featuring Mr. 21 Jump Street himself. From the trio of videos created for McCartney’s new single, we see one with Johnny onscreen clutching an acoustic guitar, then Natalie looking tres stylish in an all-black ensemble and finally ending with one of the celeb duo appearing on screen together at the same time.

According to Clash, the idea behind the videos actually came from Paul’s daughter (and one of our favorite designers) Stella McCartney. Each video was shot on 35mm film, directed by Paul himself, working alongside another Academy Award-winning pro, cinematographer Wally Pfister.

Clash also managed to find a short, music-less clip of the video, featuring a folksy-looking Johnny Depp — which you can check out down below: